Power Rankings after week 8

  1. Saskatchewan - even though they won extremely ugly... a win is a win, and leaves them alone atop the CFL
  2. BC- using the logic from last week... BC wins and gets second spot
  3. Calgary- see #2
  4. Toronto- best of the rest
  5. Hamilton- solidly in 5th after beating Winnipeg
  6. Edmonton- they only lost by 3, they look to be the strongest of the bottom 3 teams
  7. Montreal- not sure how they will fare if Calvillo is out for an extended peroid of time
  8. Winnipeg- wonder who get fired after the next game...

For what it's worth, here are my calculated power rankings, based on previous week's power rankings, scores, and home vs. away.

Saskatchewan - 0.855
Calgary - 0.778
BC - 0.676
Toronto - 0.665
Hamilton - 0.329
Montreal - 0.281
Winnipeg - 0.108
Edmonton - 0.084

Saskatchewan has pulled away slightly from Calgary again - not sure I agree with that, given the teams they were playing and where. BC is now pretty much even with (actually slightly ahead of) Toronto. And Hamilton has jumped over Montreal this week due to their trouncing of Winnipeg (but still far behind the "better half" - for now :wink: ), with Edmonton narrowing the gap on Winnipeg - I'd probably have put Edmonton tied with Montreal, but trends seem to take a while to ripple through in the calculations, especially at the top and bottom.

Sask lost two weeks ago and barely beat a Mtl team without Cavillo, they don't look like a first place team at all.
The Ticats are the hottest team right now with their win streak and on their way up.

I'd say BC is number one because they beat the team that beat Saskatchewan the previous week. Just because a team is #1 in the standings doesn't always make them the #1 in Power Rankings.

  1. BC- beat last week's #1 (co-number 1 according to Rider fans)
  2. Calgary- lost a competitive game on the road to a good team
  3. Saskatchewan- barely won an ugly home game vs. a bad team, counts in the standings but not in power rankings
  4. Toronto- best of the rest
  5. Hamilton- at least they beat bad teams
  6. Edmonton- another loss, but they look like they could figure it out (eventually) (maybe)
  7. Montreal- no Cavillo, no hope
  8. Winnipeg- not even half way thru the season and WBB are in next year territory

The Riders lost an away game to another top team. Agreed that allowing the Als to stay in the game makes them look a bit weaker. But the Ticats the hottest team? While I'd love to say that, they just about gave the game back to the Eskimos in the final seconds, and then they beat, well, the Bombers. At least they blew them away - it would have been bad if it had been close.

We are not anywhere ready to move up at this point. Yes we have won 2 in a row but against bad teams. Hottest team not so much. Up and coming for sure

But by that logic, Toronto scores ahead of BC because they laid a pounding on them three weeks ago. Calgary has just demonstrated inconsistency on the road, and I would argue the only reason their record is as good as it is is because the schedule has favoured them considerably in terms of being at home more to start the season.

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Toronto
    T-3. Calgary and BC
    T-5. Montreal and Hamiton
  3. Edmonton
  4. Winnipeg

What? Calgary has played 3 home games and 4 road games. Since when is playing 4 road games and 3 home games "being at home more to start the season" ?

Do they even teach math in Saskatchewan? 4>3 and 12 ? 13

I'd drop the Stamps down to 3rd based strongly on the loss of Lewis. They pretty much faltered once he was out, and I fear that will continue to some degree...as would any team that loses such a significant player...I might even rank the Argos ahead of them right now...injuries can change a season in a heartbeat...guess we'll find out this weekend when the 2 teams meet.

Ray is on absolute fire.

Some people want to apply simple logic to Power Rankings. Just winning doesn't necessitate a team moving up in the rankings. I take into account where I had a team ranked last week, who they played and how well they play as well as whether they won or lost. That said;

1.(1) - Calgary - lost a hard fought game to a good team
2.(2) - Saskatchewan - if not for last minute heroics would have lost to a team without their #1 QB who they should have destroyed
3.(4) BC - one good game against a good opponent, let's see how they do against the lifeless Als next week
4.(6) Hamilton - won convincing and should have, another warmup next week before the real test Labour Day
5.(3) Toronto - defense tried desperately to lose a game the offense desperately tried to win, 511yrds passing and 33 points to Edmonton?
6.(8) Montreal - came close to downing the Riders with their back up
7.(7) Edmonton - your QB is 35 of 46 for 511yds and 3 TDs and you lose?
8.(5) Winnipeg - Bombers turn to hold the wooden spoon this week

My bad. I still stand by my comment that they havent beat a quality team on the road. Until they can do that, there is no way they rank above the Riders.

Ray may be on fire, but I think the Argos D got to close to him because there was nothing left but a pile of ashes when the game started. They looked like the Argos of last season when Ray would have a stellar game, but their pathetic defense would waste it. Lucking for the Argos they were playing Edmonton, if the D plays like that next week Glenn will throw for 600 yards and bury Toronto by halftime. 511 yards to a QB who hadn't thrown 100 attempts in his career prior to this season?

Argos are the most over rated team in the league.

I hear ya. My nephew in Toronto has just been taught that 6 - 1 = 1st overall, in todays "math" class.

Riders are 3-1 on the road beating Hamilton, Toronto and Edmonton and lost to Calgary.
Stamps are 2-2 beating Montreal and Loserpeg with loses to Saskatchewan and BC.

What quality team have the Riders beat, and don't say Toronto I've laughed too much today already.

Wow. A true Toronto hater if I've ever seen one. Why so bitter? Did you get a parking ticket the last time you came for a visit?

In the standings, but this thread is about Power Rankings. Take a pill and chill it's just for fun and our own entertainment, the games are still decided on the scoreboard.

So the Stamps lose, and lose a huge part of their offense and are #1... Interesting.
Toronto, other than this week, has been winning by multiple TDs, is 4 points off being the highest scoring O (slow start to season), has given up 3rd least points, have 2 more wins in 7 games than Hamilton...Hamilton is on the low end of scoring (though seemingly getting much stronger), and is 5 points out of surrendering the most defensively and they are above the Argos...also interesting

to each their own I guess.

Born and raised in the centre of the universe if you must know. Where you're feeble imagination comes up with the idea that I hate an entire city because I'm realistic of the performance of the defense of the football team is beyond me. If you think giving up 511 yards passing to a rookie QB (only the 4th 500yd game by an Eskie) and 17 4th quarter points is a stellar defensive performance I think you will find yourself very lonely in that dream world.

Depth is a factor in this type of list. If they suffer it will show up. Stamps have the Argos then back to back with the Esks. Riders have Edmonton then Loserpeg while BC has the Als and home and home with Hamilton. BC has the toughest go but the Riders and Stamps have their next 3 games against defenses that are somewhere between pathetic and struggling.

Which ever of the 3 has the best offensive performances over the next 3 weeks has the best shot and being #1 in the rankings after the home and homes.