Power Rankings after week 8

  1. BC - No question this week
  2. Montreal - If Calvillo gets time, they are tough.
    3/4. Edmonton - Defence took a half off, won't happen this week.
    4/3. Toronto - Expect Ricky Ray to see lots of pressure.
  3. Hamilton - Will it be meow or roar?
  4. Calgary - D is the key, not defence, discipline.
  5. Winnipeg - Better than their record.
  6. Saskatchewan - Rider Pride seems to be missing from this crew. Question is can Chamblin last the season.

[ol]- BC: Only complete team in the league, still.

  • Montreal: Defense has come together. Administered a beatdown to Edmonton in their own ballpark, shredding one of the top defenses in the league.
  • Toronto: All three phases are clicking.
  • Hamilton: Could flip with Montreal here, depending on the outcome of this week's game.
  • Edmonton: Only one functioning unit.
  • Calgary: Discipline problems. Rick Campbell's unit starting to play like it's being coached by Rick Campbell. :wink:
  • Winnipeg: Finally, the right QB behind center.
  • Saskatchewan: That offense is awful, and the D isn't good enough to hold them in low-scoring games consistently.[/ol]
  1. (1) BC - First last week and no reason to drop them. They put a gap between themselves and the rest of the league.
  2. (4) Montreal - Montreal goes as Calvillo goes.
  3. (5) Toronto - The D has found it's game, but the O has to do better than 1 TD in 6 scoring drives.
  4. (2) Edmonton - Offense is coming but until it gets there the D has to keep them in games.
  5. (3) Hamilton - Burris looks like the QB who lost his starting job in Calgary last year.
  6. (8) Winnipeg - Won 2 of last 3 but still need to improve on both sides of the ball
  7. (6) Calgary - Good one week horrible the next. They're consistent. Next week should be the good game then.
  8. (7) Saskatchewan - Getting worse with each game. More going on here than just a bad run.

I'm definately not sold on Winnipeg. If not for the Jyles fumble Vs Edmonton and the 6 turnovers Vs Hamilton, they could easily be 0-7.

If not for a string on injuries that would slow any team, they could easily be amongst the teams fighting it out for second. This is a team on the rise.

BC: Complete ball club, great defense
Montreal Great offense, defense improving 3 weeks straight, only team on a winning streak besides BC
Toronto Capable of winning games on both sides of the ball
Calgary Capable of winning games on both sides of the ball
Hamilton Explosive offense, terrible defense and special teams
Edmonton Good defense , no offense
Winnipeg Good defense, no offense
Saskatchewan Lost four in a row...

"Burris looks like the QB who lost his starting job in Calgary". Not sure about that one just yet. Will see how he bounces back Thursday after last week.

  1. Lions
  2. Als
  3. Argos
  4. Esks
  5. Riders
  6. Stamps
  7. Bombers
  8. Ticats

How do you have the Riders over the Ticats :roll:

I am curious too. Losing four in a row (two at home in front of the cfl's BEST FANS!)

Actually 3 out of the past 4 loses have been on the road. BC and Edmonton are very tough places to play, as is Calgary. That being said, they arent playing good football right now and deserve to be on the lower end of the power rankings.

Another installment from my "for what it's worth" calculated power rankings.

1 - BC (=1 / 0.873)
2 - Saskatchewan (=2 / 0.564)
3 - Calgary (^4 / 0.500)
3 - Toronto (^6 / 0.500)
5 - Hamilton (v2 / 0.470)
6 - Edmonton (v5 / 0.459)
7 - Montreal (=7 / 0.423)
8 - Winnipeg (= 8 / 0.182)

I have included the ranking value as well as their position last week. And this week, I agree with everything it's telling me.

BC well out in front (duh), and Winnipeg still at the bottom, although starting to move up after a couple of wins lately. Montreal also moving up, closing in on "the pack". Hamilton faltering with a couple of losses, including one to the weakest team in the league (gotta hang onto the ball there, guys!). Saskatchewan still in second, although now at the front of the pack rather than ahead of it (if that makes any sense); four close losses before the loss to BC still tells me they are better than their record. And Toronto, with its win over Calgary, moves into a tie with them, jumping over Hamilton and Edmonton, both of whom lost to "weaker" teams.

Thank you :thup:

I think your formula needs some tweaking. There is no way you could have Saskatchewan at 2 when they've lost four straight of a seven game season.

  1. B.C.
  2. Mon.
  3. Tor.
  4. Ed.
  5. Ham.
  6. Cal.
  7. Sask.
  8. Winn.

Even if four of the five losses were close, and the other one was to the strongest team? As I said, I think they are better than their record indicates, and was not surprised at them being near the top.

Kind of like Winnipeg in 2010. They really should have ended up in at least third that year, but because they lost a whole bunch of close games, ended up out of the playoffs.

I look at trends very closely and the trend in Saskatchewan had been steep downhill. Lost a couple close ones and the last one they weren't even in the game. But its your ranking... :thup:

Your formula needs serious work. The only place your program agrees with the majority is BC at #1. The majority have Montreal top 3 and Calgary and Saskatchewan bottom 3. A team that's lost 4 in a row out of 7 should not be #2 unless it's a 2 team league. If the playoffs were to start today Saskatchewan would be out, is that what you call a # 2 team? Montreal would be hosting the east semi final after losing first place in a tie breaker, is that what you call a #7 team?

Take a look at everyone's picks this week. For the first week there is a general consensus and your system is the only one not matching up.

I disagree with everyone else. Huh. Not that concerned. I just happen to think Saskatchewan isn't as bad as everyone else. And that Montreal isn't as good as everyone else thinks - one in a row good game, five poor-to-mediocre showings before that, with their two big wins against Winnipeg.

Then again, I had Hamilton near the top and Winnipeg at the bottom last week, and look how that turned out. :oops:

The Riders have been in every game this year but have lost some close ones. The Lions have embarrassed everyone lately and the Riders have played them twice. The Ticats has been competitive but don't have the defence and their offence is a bit scattergun. Advantage Riders.

I also don't think the Als are that great but they're better than the Esks and Argos right now.