Power Rankings after Week 5

  1. Ham. (3-2): Knocked off Sask., Mtl. and TO in consecutive weeks. Lots of weapons on offense, defense, and special teams. If Burris' arm holds up, they're going to the Grey Cup.
  2. B.C. (3-2): Showed us why they're the champs this week by trashing Calgary.
  3. Sask. (3-2): Coulda, woulda shoulda been 5-0. Blown two 4th quarter leads in a row (choke).
  4. Tor. (3-2): Gritty win in Montreal makes them legitimate contenders in the East.
  5. Edmonton (3-2): Lost a close game against a desperate team on the road. No biggie.
  6. Cal. (2-3): Kevin Glenn was off his game, but they would have lost against B.C. regardless.
  7. Mtl. (2-3): The Als are held together with rope and duct tape. They'll be in tough against Wpg. on the road next week.
8) Blue Bombers (1-4): Scratched and clawed their way back from the dead this week.

Top five;


Saskatchewan: Has still dominated/controlled 6 out of the past 8 quarters of football. Will take time to work out the kinks of having several rookies in starting roles this season. The best looking 3-2 team thus far.

Hamilton: Has finally gotten on a role and is living up to the amount of money they have put into this team over the off season.

Toronto: Ricky Ray looks good in double blue

BC: A very inconsistent team at this time. At times they look like they could be number one.

Montreal: An aging team. Definetly not the dominant team they have been over the past decade

Edmonton: Lost to Winnipeg. Enough said

Calgary: Has only shown up for 5 minutes in the past two games.

Winnipeg: Should be higher than Edmonton, but still alot of work to do.

With 5 teams at 3 and 2 shouldn’t those teams be all tied for # 1?

I can see that the rankings so far have no personal biases at all just like at TSN :wink: :lol:

SASK. # 1 from a Rider fan. Now there is a huge surprise. :twisted:

clearly you do not understand the concept of power rankings.

And neither does Greenandwhite. Sask shouldn't be anywhere near the top stop after blowing two MASSIVE leads. :lol:

I do. I just think that they mean absolutely nothing and they are based on people's personal biases.

Wait and see what Matthew Cauz has to say then...

And after losing their last 2 games in a row.

Yup. Nice to see an objective fan. :thup: And for the record, after this week, I wouldn't rank Edmonton higher than 3rd or 4th.

looks about right to me.

NO, Sask has blown two games in a row and they are better than last year but on there way down. It's about playing a game and finishing a game NOT about controlling 3 of 4 quarters. As for Hamilton "buying" a team? this is not the NFL there is a salary cap. They still have the same amount to spend on players as Sask does and every other team it's about where you spend the money.

Rankings this week:


Saskatchewan is capable of beating anyone in any given game but in my opinion, they are definitely not the number 1 ranked team after 5 games. I would rank BC ahead of Hamilton for two reasons: BC has a solid defense and Hamilton not so much. Second, Burris is looking great this year but last night Lulay, for the first time this season, looked like the MOP he was last year. While both quarterbacks will probably have good seasons, I am inclined to think that Lulay will be more consistent as the season progresses.

No homerism on your part either, eh mikem? :roll:

I would put them this way


You could interchange any of the top 5 and put them at No. 1.... a couple of better coaching decisions by the Riders and they could be 5-0

A couple points: 1. I never said Hamilton bought their team. They added some key pieces to the puzzle, and they are now beginning to gel.

  1. The NFL has a salary cap as well... I don't know why that point was brought in? Come to think of it every main professional sports team has a salary cap on which they have to abide by, some a little higher then others.

  2. The Riders are still 3-2. They have still looked the most impressive of all three teams in their wins, and their loses. The season is a marathon and not a sprint. Going in to two of thier loses up by more than 15 in each game shows some strengths, and the weaknesses will likely be corrected during the bye week. That is why I rank them at number 1, although like others have said, the 3-2 teams may be interchanged. I certainly wouldn't rank them any lower then 3rd at this point.

Another thing, how is Edmonton ranked high in some people's rankings? They have the second worse offense in the league, and have now been beaten by the worst team in the CFL.

Glad to see personal biases are not impacting peoples rankings. :lol: :lol:

  1. (1) Hamilton - Had the first last week. They've now won 3 in a row and are playing well on both sides of the ball. One bad quarter yesterday doesn't justify dropping them
  2. (2) BC - Dismantled Calgary. Consistency from game to game is their enemy.
  3. (7) Toronto - Jekyll and Hyde team and the right one showed up against the Als. 3 2nd half points is not good enough. BC will be the big test.
  4. (3) Edmonton - Close game against a team they should have beat.
  5. (6) Montreal - Offesively not bad considering their QB is playing on 1 shoulder, but their inability to finish drives cost them a game their defense kept them in.
  6. (5) Saskatchewan - Best team in the league.....if the games were 3 quarters long. 17 points last week and 19 this week, I don't care how good they were for 45 min when you lead by 3 scores late you should win EVERY time.
  7. (4) Calgary - Even a loss could have kept them top 4 if they had shown up. Ahead of Winnipeg by a hair.
  8. (8) Winnipeg - A step in the right direction, but one win after 0-4 does not get you out of the basement. But at least they seem to have an idea of how to get out.

Here is why the Riders deserve to be lower than some wearing green colored shades say...bad coordination decisions have cost them 2 games...they never learned the lessons from the first time...it ain't going away...does not matter if you get some players back in the secondary, those stupid calls are going to make any good player look bad.

I agree with this, 'cept for switching Montreal & Sask
After next week, whoever wins between BC/Tor claims a tie for top spot, and after WPG beats Montreal, a 3 way tie at the bottom with WPG/Mont/CGY. It will get tough to seperate anyone.

How can anyone have Hamilton ranked above BC? Did you miss the game where BC handled the TiCats with relative ease?

Reminds me of last week's rankings where a bunch of people had Edmonton at #1 and then the Esks get smoked by the consensus worst team in the league.