Power Rankings after Week 14

  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Montreal
  5. Hamilton
  6. Toronto
  7. Edmonton
  8. Winnipeg

I was really close to putting Sask higher as they are winners of 4 of their last 5 but two of those were against the Bombers, but the other two were against the two teams I have ahead of them. And then the team they lost too I have below them, Man this power ranking stuff is hard.

...maybe try 'Power Groupings', much easier

Ahem..... which Ticat team are you ranking?

Here are the power rankings from my spreadsheet, with their ranking values and position last week.

  • BC (0.790 - 1)
  • Calgary (0.625 - 3)
  • Saskatchewan (0.574 - 4)
  • Montreal (0.555 - 2)
  • Toronto (0.489 - 5)
  • Hamilton (0.379 - 7)
  • Edmonton (0.356 -6)
  • Winnipeg (0.103 - 8)

Pretty much agree with this list. I might have left Montreal in third ahead of Saskatchewan, although Saskatchewan has won a couple of tough games lately, which can’t really be said about Montreal. No argument about Edmonton’s slide, after losing five in a row; in fact, I think that they could be below Winnipeg, assuming Pierce is able to play next week after that hit this week. And I might have had Hamilton ahead of Toronto if they hadn’t lost to Winnipeg last week - so Jekyll and Hyde, you never know which team is going to show up.


Oh, yeah. They could be in either first or eighth, depending on which team shows up.

Hamilton is so inconsistent. It blows my mind. They destroy Edmonton, get destroyed by Winnipeg then destroy Montreal? I think the main problem is they play horribly on the road.

It really would be right now, since there's the good teams, the inconsistent teams, and the basement. :stuck_out_tongue: But anyway...

  1. Saskatchewan - On a roll right now.
  2. BC - Two weeks of sloppy wins in a row followed by a loss where they only showed up for half the game (to put it generously) raises some questions. Not playing their best right now.
  3. Calgary - Also on a roll.
  4. Montreal - What happened?
  5. Toronto - Consistently medicore, which might be good enough for a home playoff game.
  6. Hamilton - Inconsistent. Sometimes look great, sometimes look awful. Really don't know what to do with them due to that, it's a coin flip as to which version will show up for a game.
  7. Edmonton - Probably won't win another game unless they get some injured defensive starters back. Offense needs off season retooling.
  8. Winnipeg - Ha, some people thought you were going to climb out of the cellar!?
  1. (3) Calgary - won 5 of last 6, 2nd most points in league and best record within their division
  2. (2) Montreal - they looked bad, but not as bad as BC
  3. (1) BC - score flattered them only because of the worst prevent defense in football history
  4. (4) Saskatchewan - they looked great until the late 4th quarter meltdown that overshadowed a great defensive performance
  5. (6) Toronto - 8 points over the final 3 quarters against the PeeWee team :roll:
  6. (8) Hamilton - welcome back Dr Jeykll
  7. (5) Edmonton - 0-3 against your main rival is not a recipe for sucess
  8. (7) Winnipeg - why did I take them out of the basement?

Looks good to me.

Tiger Cats

They also seem to play poorly in wet conditions (vs. Calgary, @ Toronto, @ Winnipeg #2). Those games, their offence just couldn't get going, and because until recently, their defence couldn't get going at all, they've needed their offence to put up massive points just to stay close. This doesn't bode well for the end of the season, unfortunately. Guess we'll see how they do this Friday in near-freezing temperatures. At least the forecast isn't for rain (or snow) that day.

  1. BC - They darn near came back to win last week...still the class of the league. This may fall if they are down a WR or 2 after that game.
  2. Calgary - Won 5/6, Tate is back in the lineup...even if on the sideline, they have a solid picot to fall back on if needed.
  3. Montreal - Had a bad outing, but they are a bounce back team.
  4. Saskatchewan - apparently hot, playing aggressive football. Will adversity create another slump? They have some injuries piling up.
  5. Hamilton - up and down...sometimes amazing sometimes horrid.
  6. Toronto - This team is still getting better as the season goes. I can see them making a real charge.
  7. Edmonton - Is the 3 RB situation causing ill effect? Piles of injury on the DL are killing them. inability to produce on O.
  8. Winnipeg - Buck gave them hope. Buck got hurt.

I've been telling myself this all season, but you have them 6th and I have them 5th (very generously) in an 8 team league with 2/3 of the season over. I don't know about you but my crystal ball says there will be 2 playoff games at the Skydump this season and the boatpeople will only play in one of them.

I would agree, but they might just win the one they play in.

4 of their 7 wins are against the Cats and Bombers. If Hamilton can pull off a playoff spot I'll give them a 50-50 shot, but if 3rd in the east goes to the cross over they don't stand a chance.

now for something a little different.

when calgary was struggling early in the season, I knew Huff would turn them around

when sask went on that 5 game skid, I knew they would be back

Lions are hurting


1- cal
2- sask
3- bc
4- mont
5- ham
6- tor
7- ed
8- wpg

I agree with FYB except I'd switch number 1 and 2. Power ranking are to reflect what has happened in the last few weeks. Sasky should be on top as the beat both BC and fake Cowtown.

actually, I think it is more who you think would beat who today, playing in a nuetral site.

I expect cal and mont to win this weekend.
I suspect sask will probably win but am not as confident as I am re cal
I beleive ham should win

Ahh, out come the green and white glasses now that the Riders have won a couple. BC, Calgary and Saskatchewan are all 3-1 in their last 4, all were 2-0 at home and 1-1 on the road and all got their road wins against the leagues punching bags (BC and Calgary beat Edmonton and Sask beat Winnipeg). Those 2 wins you hand your hat on came at home, on the road they are a dismal 2-4 with one win against powerhouse Winnipeg and the other against that other league leader Hamilton way back in week 1. They're steadily getting better but far from best in the league at this point.


Far from the best in the league. I may consider moving them up in the power rankings in a couple of weeks should they beat Montreal at home and win at least one on the road.