Power Rankings after week 12

CFL.ca rankings.


  1. BC - Ugly win, but good teams find a way to win even on an off night.
  2. Calgary - Sure they beat up on an amateur football team, but they're rolling right now.
  3. Montreal - Speaking of ugly wins, if the Riders don't set some kind of record in stupid penalties the Als might lose this one.
  4. Toronto - Played tough in BC, but made too many mistakes. Luckily they play in the East and that means they're in good shape as contenders.
  5. Hamilton - Struggling with where to put them relative to Saskatchewan and Edmonton, but for now I'll go here. The gap between 5 and 7 is really thin, though.
  6. Saskatchewan - Drew Willy didn't look too bad. Shame about the rest of the team.
  7. Edmonton - This offense scares nobody, and the defense isn't single handidly winning games.
  8. Winnipeg - We used to hear about how this was actually a talented team that was badly coached. So Joe Mack canned the coach. Since then it's gone from a team that was bad but competitive to a pathetic spectacle where calling it "professional football" is grounds for a false advertising lawsuit. The truth? Firing LaPolice was the biggest management blunder we've seen this season, and the Joe Mack fan club (if it has any members still willing to admit it) was sold a bill of goods about the talent level here. Bad in all facets of the game, and major questions about the lack of leadership from the players. At this point the only hope is that Buck Pierce puts some fire back into this team and doesn't get injured again (but behind that terrible O-Line I wouldn't bet on it).

Again, for what it's worth, here are my calculated power rankings:

1 - BC (0.824)
2 - Calgary (0.647)
3 - Montreal (0.561)
4 - Toronto (0.506)
5 - Saskatchewan (0.474)
6 - Edmonton (0.404)
7 - Hamilton (0.379)
8 - Winnipeg (0.079)

Absolutely no position changes from last week, although the ranking values moved slightly (e.g. Montreal creating separation from Toronto, Hamilton closing on Edmonton), mainly because all the home teams won, and there were no upsets. In fact, Calgary's ranking value went down even though they hammered Winnipeg because Winnipeg, well, sucks. (That said, this week's game between Hamilton and Winnipeg could be a close one, as Winnipeg doesn't suck nearly as much at home, if at all.)

  1. BC- There should be no arguments.

  2. Calgary- On a major roll right now.

  3. Montreal- Even when they play bad, they can find a way to win.

  4. Toronto- One bad quarter, played tough though.

  5. Hamilton- Might have finally turned it around.

  6. Saskatchewan- If not for A LOT of bad penalties, they could have beat one of the top teams.

  7. Edmonton- Major skid, need to figure things out or they will be out of the playoff hunt.

  8. Winnipeg- WOW, that is all....


  1. (1) BC - shouldn't need justification

  2. (2) Montreal - no reason to drop them

  3. (4) Calgary - Yeah they beat up on the PeeWee team but that makes 4 in a row

  4. (7) Hamilton - Congrats for finally realizing there are two half's to a game

  5. (6) Saskatchewan - showing signs of life

  6. (4) Toronto - No offensive points in 1st half, red zone production horrible and failure to take advantage of turnovers, this team could lose to Winnipeg

  7. (5) Edmonton - Gave up 51 unanswered points, 35 in the 2nd half against the team that doesn't play 2nd half's; even the Argos are better than that

  8. (8) Winnipeg - Start shopping for furniture, the basement is all yours.

Bang on dc… 100% agree with you this time…

Looks good to me. I may rank Toronto over Montreal, however.

I suspect that, with the loss of Whitaker, you might be right. Unfortunately, my "model" doesn't take things like that into account, just the scores.