Power Rankings after week 10

1- Montreal - beat the Lions in the battle of top teams. very close game and looking forward to the rematch.
2- BC - played very well in montreal and were 1 play from the win.
3- Calgary - narrowly beat thier provincial rivals. glenn still throwing untimely INTs, nearly cost them the game.
4- Edmonton - came up short in Calgary. a number of dropped passes may have made the difference.
5- Toronto - big 4th quarter come back. may be the turning point in thier season.
6- Saskatchewan - impressive way to snap a losing streak. still not sure who this team is, though.
7- Hamilton - another 4th quarter colapse by the toothless defence. can't put it together for a whole game.
8- Winnipeg - can you even consider this a 'team'?



  1. BC - Barely lost to Montreal on the road, and will beat them at home this week. (Don't tell my wife, she's a huge Als fan.)
  2. Montreal - Really, who else has been consistently playing good football the last few weeks?
  3. Calgary - On and off, but I like them.
  4. Edmonton - If they don't fall behind and can pound the ball with that running game, they're looking good.
  5. Toronto - Still can't seem to play a complete game, but Chad Owens seems to be coming into his own as a receiver.
  6. Saskatchewan - Too early to tell if this is the start of a winning streak, or if they're just picking on the worst team in the league.
  7. Hamilton - I expected a lot more from them this year.
  8. The TSN Panel - Hey, with Dunnigan at QB and Stegall at receiver (and the kick for a million guy as a kicker), they'll manage to score more then zero points.
  9. Winnipeg - Why do you keep giving the other team the ball AND the wind in the first quarter, putting yourself into an early hole? How do you score zero points in the CFL? How do you botch two kickoffs in a row? Pick any reason for being down here, but they need leadership in the locker room if they're going to climb out of this hole.

[ol]- Lions: Came very close to beating the Als at Molson Stadium. Still the most balanced team in the league (all three phases).

  • Alouettes: Four-game win streak, beating division rivals and the league's top two defenses (BC and Edmonton). I'd say my Als are for real.
  • Stampeders: Fortunately for Calgary, they have the best backup in the CFL.
  • Eskimos: One game isn't enough to convince me this team has an offense.
  • Argonauts: Slowly gelling into a contender.
  • Tiger-Cats: Lost their third close game. Not far off.
  • Roughriders: Annihilating the league doormats doesn't prove a whole lot.
  • Blue Bombers: Wind sprints didn't work. What next?[/ol]
  1. BC- Montreal will have to beat the Lions in BC to be ranked no. 1
  2. Montreal - have snuck up on some... the real test for the Als comes this weekend in Vancouver
  3. Edmonton - could have, should have won in Calgary
  4. Calgary - if they win in Edmonton on Friday, they will move up
  5. Toronto - are showing now that they are better than the Cats
  6. Hamilton - imploded in the 4th like the Riders... D is suspect, has been all season
  7. Sask - beating a hapless team doesn't prove a lot
  8. Winnipeg - LaPo wasn't the problem... a lack of talent, espcially at QB, is...


  1. (2) Montreal - #2 last week and beat #1
  2. (1) BC - see above
  3. (3) Edmonton - lost a close LD classic
  4. (5) Toronto - as hard as they tried to had it to Hamilton they wouldn't take it
  5. (6) Calgary - back to back good games, miracles do happen
  6. (4) Hamilton - continue to stay in the locker room at the half, hey guys there is a second half too
  7. (8) Saskatchewan - OK they thumped the weak kid, can they do it again then against a real team in 2 week
  8. (7) Winnipeg - I think we can lock this one for the rest of the season

So, we've beaten the Lions once at home, but somehow we have to beat them in BC to be the best? Why don't the Lions have to beat us at home to be the best? :?

whats that strength of opponent rating they do in the NFL?

I think mtl would have a lower number.

LOL. We've beaten BC and Edmonton in back-to-back weeks. We've also won against Calgary. Exactly how have we won against weaker competition? It's an eight-team league, we've beaten three of the four western teams, and have yet to play Saskatchewan, the mighty losers of five straight who padded their stats by blowing out Winnipeg.

IMO BC was the better team going on, winning at home is easier then on the road, and that one was pretty close. You could really rank those two either way and not be wrong, but I put BC on top too.

And I did that entirely because this week, I don't think Montreal can beat them. You gotta put the team you think is going to win ahead of the one you think is going to lose, right?

I put BC on top too. I just had an issue with sambo's logic. We have actually beaten BC once this season; they have not yet beaten us. But somehow we can only be their equal if we win on their turf, when losing that game would only mean that we'd have split the season series and that they, for their part, were also unable to win on the road? :lol:

We also walked into Commonwealth Stadium, faced one of the league's top defenses, and walloped the Eskimos from start to finish.

Just find it funny that some have Hamilton ranked higher than the Riders. The Riders have a better record, and although they lost to Hamilton they also thumped them earlier in the season. Winnipeg might be the league's doormat, but no team this season has blown them out like the Riders did. Heck, Edmonton even lost to them earlier in the season and BC came close.

There's merit in that Tridus. I look at how B.C. has done against the East, are 4-1 - Montreal is 3-1..that's my thoughts

Actually, Montreal is 3-2 against the East to BC's 4-1. Conversely, BC is 2-2 against the West, while Montreal is 3-1 against the West. So, really, it's a wash.

My mistake d&p; I meant the Als are 3-1 against the West. Both teams could be ranked # 1; come October much clearer.

No worries. For the record, I agree with the opinion that BC is the stronger team. But I disagreed with the logic used by sambo to arrive at that conclusion.

I see no problem with what Sambo posted. BC has been ranked #1 by almost all for almost the whole season. Yes Montreal is climbing, but they cannot be placed at #1 yet. By beating BC again at home, then yes they could be ranked first.
I don't think many are expecting this though.

The Al's had to beat BC to be tied for the best record overall... beating the lions at home is what I expected the ALS to do... so why should you get extra points for doing the expected? Now, do the unexpected and beat the Lions in Vancouver, then the Als will have earned the top spot...