Power Rankings after Labour day

My prediction:

1 - Edmonton: Ricky Ray now dominating games and getting used to his recievers
2 - Montreal: Great goal line stands to finish off a quality club like BC
3 - Calgary: Still a talented club, just looking for a way to put it all together
4 - Sask: Injuries continue to decimate the offence
5 - Toronto: Turning the corner after the QB controversy
6 - BC: Finding new ways to lose games
7 - Hamilton: Starting to find some offensive production
8 - Winnipeg: 6 points will never win you any games.



I'm sorry but this is a joke!

Saskatchewan in first place yet 4th on the list? give me a break.

if anything they're 2nd.

Calgary is not where you think they are. they have issues.

give your head a shake!

  1. Edmonton. Dominating performance from the team that seems poised to take over the West. The ground game is up and running and Ray is throwing darts through the air.

  2. Montreal. Eked out a tough win against a desperate team, but injuries in the secondary becoming a concern as the team gave up over 500 yards of total offense to Pierce & co.

  3. Calgary. The Jekyll and Hyde act continues. Will this team ever live up to its potential for more than a game here and there?

  4. Saskatchewan. Wins are always positive, but Bishop's numbers (107 yards, 1 INT, 1 rushing TD) are hardly cause for celebration just yet.

  5. B.C. Moved the ball at will under Pierce, even though they lost. Look for the team to get back on the winning track next week.

  6. Toronto. It took the Boatmen 9 games to discover an offense.

  7. Hamilton. Still operating in fits and starts on both sides of the ball, but fought hard right until the end against a determined Argonaut squad. However, it has to be a bad sign when Joe Montford still looks like a better pass-rusher than anyone on the current roster.

  8. Winnipeg. With even mediocre offensive production, the Bombers might have been able to get a win against the Riders, given how solidly their D played, but the receivers were apathetic, the execution horrid, and the stupidity of foisting the playcalling on Kevin Glenn was finally exposed. Winnipeg is officially the worst team in the league.

Saskatchewan has beaten every team in the league, even while being injured. Show them some repect Zbest.

It's being reported that Burris has a sprained big toe, Joffery Reynolds is having back spasms, and Nik Lewis has a rib injury. I guess we'll see what Calgary's 2nd string offence can put together. I just didn't see TSN dropping them 1st to 4th, and such an ugly win out of the riders I didn't see them moving upwards.

It was a prediction, not an opinion.

I respect the riders a great deal. They don't care for off-field accolades. Neither do their fans. I don't need to stroke their egos by putting them first in the power rankings so that they'll get some fans in the stands this week.

Winnipeg :slight_smile:

i agree with CFLis best...theres no way the team with the best record (notice how i didnt say best team) is in forth.

My list:

  1. Edmonton...unstoppable since rallying around Tucker

  2. Saskatchewan...still hurting, but still winning. Maybe the best team in the league but cant say till we get all our players back

  3. Montreal...hands down the best team in the east, should be a lock for the host of the east final

  4. Calgary....has all the talent to beat anyone but can't just put it all together for some reason

  5. Toronto.....Showed why the keeped Joseph, now without the sideshow at QB should finally put a winning streak together

  6. BC....IMO calgary, toronto and BC are all interchangable. Either one could be 4-6 i think. BC needs a consistant starter at QB and they would be set

  7. Hamilton....Lumsden showed alot of leadership during his pregame speech, know only if he could show he could play 18 games. Good young team give them a couple of years.

8) Winnipeg...trading away possibly you best weapon over the past 7 years, stegalls gettin old, Armstrong is still amazing but i think its time to rebuild in The Peg

I don't get it guys. If all you're going to do is base power rankings on wins and losses, it's pointless. Just line up the teams in order of their record and be done with it.

I don't care if the Riders won. They won a defensive struggle against the worst team in the league in which their starting QB managed a whopping 107 yards through the air. That's not dominant or awe-inspiring, and certainly not enough to warrant putting them first in the standings.


BC Cal Tor i could have interchanged.

I agree with Green2thebone except Sask. should be in 3rd spot and Montreal in second.

Riders have held 4 teams to no touchdowns this year. What other team has done this? If that isn't dominating what the hell is?

They were dominating, but now are lucky to be winning. If they don't start playing better, they won't stand a chance against teams like Edmonton or Montreal

I don't usually go in for these things, but:

1. Edmonton: their blowout over the Stamps puts them in top spot.
2. Montreal: the dominant team in the east now has a win over a western opponent.
3. Calgary: probably would have been #2 if the Labour Day game had been closer.
4. Saskatchewan: their position in the standings is due to their wins early in the season, when they were still relatively healthy. Injuries have weakened them substantially, and their only win in their past three starts was a low-scoring game against the Bombers.
5. B.C.: the mighty have fallen and have now lost two in a row against Montreal and Calgary.
6. Toronto: a close win on Labour Day moves them slightly ahead of Hamilton.
7. Hamilton: a young team that is improving, but still has a way to go.
8. Winnipeg: even with Glenn, Roberts and Stegall all back, their offence can't score points.

That is exactly what everyone said at the beginning of the season when certain players were traded or not brought back. Well they didn't stand a chance then and are still leading the league in wins. Go figure.


1. Edmonton - Ricky Ray has his old form back, and that is bad news for the rest of the league.
2. Montreal - A lot of people predicted they would be last, but they keep winning. We could see another Edmonton-Montreal GC game.
3. Saskatchewan- Although the offence isnt great, the D rose to the occasion and dominated. After some guys heal, the Riders will be a factor before the regular season is over.
4. BC- Lost a squeaker in Montreal due to poor play calling, so don't count them out yet.
5. Calgary- They can score points, but it seems they are having trouble keeping other teams from scoring. They did not stop the run when they needed to, it will take more than just Armour(pun intended) to stop opposing running backs.
6. Toronto- Now that their QB situation is settled, they should be better. Only a 3 point win over Hamilton, so the jury is still out on how Joseph will perform over the last half of the year. A team with a better D will tell us how good/bad the offence really is.
7. Hamilton- the only reason they get this spot is because the Bombers are a team that is in disarray. The Cats are still finding ways to lose games.
8. Winnipeg- As many people have already pointed out, this team looked disinterested in Regina. They may be looking towards next year, I won't be surprised to see other long time vets traded. I dont believe Joe Smith alone is the answer. Coaching seems to be a huge weakness on this team, and it is showing on the field.

some guys know squat about football. and I think a few people in this thread just proved it!

Finally official at TSN

1 - Sask
2 - Edmonton
3 - Montreal
4 - Calgary
5 - BC
6 - Toronto
7 - Hamilton
8 - Winnipeg

I don't think anybody had that exactly. redstallion came really close.

I don't get how TSN could put the Riders up front....Edmonton is clearly a better team, right now.