Power Rankings after 4 weeks

Saskatchewan - played well enough to win, but you can't win'em all.
Calgary - slayers of the green monsters. a bounce here or there and they could be 4-0.
Edmonton - Best defense in the CFL. Good game management, playing to their strengths.
Hamilton - coming on strong and showing improvement every week.
BC - stumbled the last 2 weeks and things don't get easier in Calgary next week.
Montreal - Receivers really letting them down (Green, Richardson ). If not for a bad Glenn pass, could be 1-3
Toronto - still awful on special teams and inconsistent place kicking. Not a reliable receiver in the line-up
Winnipeg - do I need to elaborate?

*Toronto tries to over take the Als in both standings and Power Rankings this weekend.
Hamilton looks for some revenge from week 1
BC and Calgary clash for the higher Power Rankings spot.

Yep parity is making this interesting. In an 8 team league it is more interesting as each team plays each other so often.

Regina Rams
Saskatchewan Huskies

Hey we have a ten team league, finally.... :slight_smile:


  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Edmonton
  3. BC
  4. Hamilton
  5. Calgary
  6. Montreal
  7. Toronto
  8. Winnipeg

LOTS of parity, the only one you can't argue against is Winnipeg at 8.

yup. easily the most difficult week to get a consensus.
everyone will see things a little differently.

Only 1 spot that most will agree upon...8th. Hope home treats them better, but honestly...most teams got better in the offseason, a couple stayed about level, Bombers IMO got worse...they lost some key names and were unable to replenish.

Well, as mentioned, it is going to be a cluster of rankings this week…and especially tough week to evaluate how clubs measure up to each other at the moment….and tight standings in both divisions!

Calgary – Calgary imploded in the game, but managed to come back. My question is if it were to happen again would they come back from 17 down? Also, can they get away from stupid penalties? Barring week 1, all of their games have been very tight…good teams win close games…they are 2 of 3. Great run D, high potential on O, BUT can Glenn play 2 full complete games in a row?.

Saskatchewan – Imploded against the Stamps. Will they learn some valuable lessons from this? The offense looked improved, and the D played well…all until 5.5 to go. Some real questions on coaching decisions with shuffling, and emptying the backfield late.

Hamilton – Has the O come together to what we all know it can be? Andy is now involved, and looked great. Will he and Williams be “the “ tandem? This could be a scary offense if they continue to click.

Edmonton – They already had a good D…we all knew that…now they are putting up points. E-T went public a couple weeks back and people slammed that…perhaps it worked and motivated the club…will it stick?

BC – Has Lulay been figured out? 4INT and 3 TD in 2 games. The Lions are capable of being the best team in the CFL…is it lack of preparation or motivation?

Toronto – an unconvincing win over a struggling team, a loss, a squeaking…the Argos looked to be heading in the right direction, but have seemed to level off…Their ST needs to improve, and their D is lacking in comparison to the last several years. This is appearing more and more like an average team, but could look better with improved ST and 1 more good WR.

Montreal – Montreal seems to be hot and cold. They are an interception away from being 1-3, with the 1 win over a struggling Bomber team.

Winnipeg – On the bright side they are home bound for 4…rough start to the season. This team lost a lot of depth over the off-season, and really did not address much of the issues they knew they already had. I hope for better luck, but fear it will be a long season unless a QB steps up and does something spectacular.


I think the only consensus were are going to have this week is that Winnipeg is eighth. But I don't think we'll have as much controversy this week because I don't see any "Montreal is better than Saskatchewan" type foolishness coming. The only thing that is clear to me is that there are no elite teams right now. Edmonton looks like they have an elite defense and Hamilton looks like they have an elite offense, but aside from that, every team seems to be flawed in one way or another.

(1) Saskatchewan - Very nearly moved Edmonton ahead of them, but one bad quarter isn't enough to downgrade them just yet.

(2) Edmonton - That defense is something else and it was nice that they finally got Fred Stamps involved on offense. Maybe Tillman's little "I wouldn't have made the Ray trade" was genius in disguise.

(3) Hamilton - They have gotten better every week; blown Week 1, lost a close one in Week 2, won a close one in Week 3, blew out their opponents in Week 4. This team is trending upwards right now and the game against Saskatchewan will be an excellent test.

(4) Calgary - Now we hit the patch were I am not so certain. I put Calgary here because I just haven't been impressed with BC since Week 1. And seeing how bad Winnipeg is right now, that first win doesn't really stand out as much.

(5) BC - They have gotten progressively worse and perhaps the hype went to their heads.

(6) Toronto - A three-point win at home over the Bombers is nothing to get excited about. They're a middle-of-the-road team and still have a lot of flaws.

(7) Montreal - Their defense, simply put, sucks. If they don't fix it, and fix it soon, this might be the worst Montreal team we've seen since their rebirth. And what is up with Jamel Richardson?

(8) Winnipeg - If they drop to 0-5, I think they're done. I don't think there will be any Lion-line turnaround for the Bombers this year.

Sask - no reason to put anyone else here
Ed - Amazing defense
Cal - They showed they got the grit. They got the talent and the coaches. I beleive in Huff.
Hamilton - just keeps getting better every week
BC - Sometimes a loss is just a loss, but I got a bad feeling. Somethings just wrong.
Tor - A lot of offensive and defensive stats favour the argos but they keep screwing up. If they get it together, I can see them closer to the top
Montreal - Ailing and aging AC. Past stars gone. Jeff Reinbold.
Wpg - whats left to say


I had a really tough time placing the Stamps...I mean highest scoring o, knocked off a 3-0 team, but was it a repeatable comeback? If they play like they did in the first and last 7 minutes they are top notch. I likely ranked them too high at this point

So. Three of my top four lost and the other won a game they should have lost to a team they shouldn't have lost to. Home is still king as 3 of 4 home teams won, but this spoiled my picks this week. Go with the trend I said to myself, home is golden I said to myself. I hate the Lions right now. :twisted: My previous weeks rankings in parenthesis.

  1. (5) Hamilton - Two solid wins in a row. Defense and special teams great again and yesterday the offense caught up.
  2. (2) BC - Best of the losers, still a very good team on paper
  3. (7) Edmonton - Two sad games to start the season and now 2 very good wins. The offense is playing over their heads a little so they need to take them while they can get them.
  4. (6) Calgary - Did to the Riders what the Als did to them only bigger.
  5. (3) Saskatchewan - Looked to have righted the ship then........could they have come apart more thoroughly than that?
  6. (1) Montreal - Played a decent 2nd half but with Calvillo nursing a sore shoulder the O-line has to step it up.
  7. (4) Toronto - They played a team with more stars on the DL than the field and using a back up not up to a starters job yet and they need a touchdown on the last play to win? The offense took a huge step backward this week.
  8. (8) Winnipeg - 0-4. Only team that's 0-4. Enough said, but who knows what they can do when they start to empty some hospital beds.

It's way too hard of an exercise for me to pick the top 4, but I'll sort out the rest.

We'll find out what Hamilton is really made of when they go to Regina this week. That game is the toughest one for me to pick in the VGCC.

Here's how I see it from positions 5 to 8, but between Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Hamilton, and Calgary it's too hard to pick the best team because they each have some serious flaws on which they are still working.

I agree with the comments on parity, for we do not for sure have dominance by any one team.

Also no team should take any opponent for granted at all, as all teams are capable of being very dangerous for any team letting up on its best game.

5 BC
The Lions do have the personnel to have a very strong upside though. I'm not sure what is amiss, so perhaps the coaching is to blame?

6 Montreal
It's not looking like the Al's are going to have much of a defence let alone very good special teams. You cannot put that much more pressure on Calvillo for an entire season and expect his offence to come through for you as he did against Calgary after they imploded.

7 Toronto
The Argos have some decent personnel but still seem mixed up on both sides of the ball plus on special teams, so I think the issue once again is the coaching.

8 Winnipeg
The Blue Bombers won't get ahead very far if at all, even with the defence taking a better form again, until they stabilise the QB position.

  1. Suicide Bombers (0-4): GM dismantles killer defense; surrounds QBs with Pillsbury dough boys. They are still in pre-season form and are not a CFL calibre team at this point of the season :frowning:

  1. Edmonton (3-1): Went into BC and kicked the crap out of the GC champs--scary tough.
  2. Sask. (3-1): Lost shootout against the Stamps at home. Lack killer instinct at this point in the season.
  3. Ham. (2-2): Knocked off Mtl. and TO in consecutive weeks. Lots of weapons on offense, defense, and special teams. If Burris' arm holds up, they're going to the Grey Cup.
  4. B.C. (2-2): They're the champs, but have shown the same inconsistency they did last year.
  5. Cal. (2-2): Went toe-to-toe in 3 wild games with their 2nd-string QB and did well. They have the best 1-2 QB tandem in the CFL.
  6. Mtl. (2-2): Lucky to be 2-2 and are being carried by a gimpy Anthony Calvillo. If he goes down, the Als are toast.
  7. Tor. (2-2): Ricky Ray is gold, but TO's defense has gone soft. If their defense can toughen up, no one will will want to face TO in the playoffs.
  1. Edmonton - Drastic change from my last rankings, but that defense is really something. When the offense is playing at "almost mediocre", this team can beat anybody. If the offense ever gets good, look out.

  2. Saskatchewan- Still like em, despite the loss.

  3. Calgary - Can go toe to toe with anybody.

  4. Hamilton - Are getting it together, but haven't beaten top-tier teams yet.

  5. BC - 2 through 5 on this list are really just a tossup, but IMO BC comes out on the lower end of the tossup right now. They're lacking something they had last year.

  6. Toronto - Seem to always find ways to lose games, or almost lose them. If they can work through that and gain some consistency, they'll be strong in the East.

  7. Montreal - Never thought I'd have them down this far, but they have some major weaknesses this year and don't seem to have the answers for them. Looks like it's time for a rebuild.

  8. Winnipeg - Can only get better now that they're playing at home for a bit. Then again, that home crowd isn't known for being supportive of struggling QBs on an 0-4 team...