Power Rankings: A very eventful Monday night

I've seen many posts by Stamps fans that get mad that they aren't ranked higher...but I also point it out because it's just fun to live in your head rent free

Quick call out to all Bomber fans and… David. I have no problem with y’all be ranked as #1. You guys won the Grey Cup and then a lot of teams changed coaching staff and the Covid Season hit. Then with almost the same staff you guys won the shortened season…. that will always have an * next to it. With all do respect the Bombers are still good but this season you will have a bit more of a challenge from BC, Sask and Calgary. Not Edmonton because they started over again. Come to think of it… Sask and Calgary didn’t change that much. I guess you just better watch out for BC? Go Lions Go


Aceguy I’m gonna pull you into this discussion so just maybe… you can pull some great photos from the 2011 Grey Cup?

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I’m pretty sure you live in Ontario Aceguy so probably already in bed. I live in BC so just heading to bed and I hope you have something for me when I wake up and getting ready for work…. I have a feeling you don’t work😎

I believe he lives in Thailand. He will be on a completely different time schedule so you may have to wait to hear back.

Here are my :tophat: :three: Lions-Stamps-Bombers :canada: :football: :100:

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I have 21 classic photos to submit, where shall I send them Lion-king :question: :thailand: :canada:

BC Lions are #1 according to all statistics. A win Saturday would confirm it.


Well they are looking fine. However my thinking is always this.
Regular season no longer counts once the play offs are on. Third place teams have a long tradition and habit of taking out teams that were above or well above them in the standings. That is why the West is always so exciting.

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Excellent discussion. Many good points being raised.

Edmonton is too low on the rankings imo. West division is turning into a dogfight and making the playoffs will not be easy.

Crossover rule is another good argument for one division and a balanced schedule. Seems likely it will happen again.

I am willing to say Calgary is better on almost every front. BLM is on his game and they have depth everywhere. I got them at +650 to win the GC back in Feb. Still feel good about it.

I'm not ready to rank the Stamps ahead of the Bombers yet but I agree with your assessment about being a better team. Bombers have been winning close ones & absolutely were gifted a win by Toronto who did everything in the 1st half to give away the game. And almost lost despite leading 17-0. Couldn't put them away until TO stubbed their toe again in the end.

Winnipeg has been wading in the kiddie pool for 4 games & squeaking by. They're outscoring the sputtering Elk offence by 1 pt a game & the Elks have played the WEST 3 times, & put up 29 points vs their one Eastern contest - a total the Bombers never did get. It's not like the Elks have Zach behind centre. I'm curious to see what happens as O'Shea & crew enter deep water the next 4 games. Should they get behind a club by a couple of scores, I don't think they have the firepower to play catch up. You can knock the Stamps all you want but they have shown, twice in 3 games, that they are capable of turning it on no matter the score. The Bombers' haven't exactly feasted in the East. They've let teams hang in for the whole game except in TO where, given a huge lead, they ended up hanging on by their fingertips. The least impressive of the 4 big clubs in the West right now. BC may tell us a lot - or not. Long season ahead. :sunglasses:


Personally I would love for either TSN or the CFL to come out with a fully statistical power ranking (with methodology explained) which could be a much, much better indicator for how these teams are performing week to week. Right now this is all based on the "feelings" of the sports writers/contributors to TSN/CFL/etc. and you don't even get to see how often personal bias comes into it either for or against certain teams. Like even looking at a teams +/- as compared to the rest of the league/yearly average for this point/weighted against home & away games/removing any outlier scores/etc. would give a much better view as to how they are doing. For example even though they have lost 1 game the Riders actually have a better +/- than the Bombers. If you based the power rankings on this type of system you would have something closer to 1. BC 2. Calgary 3. Saskatchewan 4. Winnipeg 5. Edmonton.

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That right there is basically all power ranking are, it’s an opinion piece…

They have just such a system in golf and tennis and ranking points are extremely important in both of those sports. I have no idea of the details on how it is done but know it is done on a one or two year rolling basis with past results no longer considered after the time period expires. I note that these systems, probably the most sophisticated and meaningful ranking systems in the world of sport, consider past results on a declining basis which I think should be included as part of the equation, despite some opinions to the contrary on this thread. If the Grey Cup was boxed up and shipped from Winnipeg to BC last week I missed it.

The tough part would be setting up a fair system. That would take time, energy and money to decide what to include and what the relevant weight of each factor should be. Winning wound always have the most weight of course. +/- might be accorded some lesser weight. It would obviously be more important to win two games by one point (+2) than say win by 50 and lose by 1 (+49).

This could happen for the CFL but doubt it will as it would have no practical use. In golf and tennis the ranking determines seedings and most importantly, whether you can play in any given tournament. Rankings or not, CFL games would be played as scheduled. It would take a time and money investment for initial set up but after that it should be relatively maintenance and cost free, although golf at least has tweaked how it calculates it’s rankings more than once since they started in the 1980’s

Unless this happens the current rankings are just for funsies and often based on “feelings”, as you say. Anyone is free to rank a team as the best in the land after one or two or three wins. Under a more scientific system, which system would also give relevance to trends and put more weight on recency and playoff performance, Winnipeg would be a clear #1 until at least this Sunday. Maybe some. professor or student with time on their hands or some corporate donor could bring such a system to reality. Maybe even the league. This could be one of the things their new supposedly brilliant sponsor/partner (forget the name offhand) should be looking into.

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Careful what you ask for. Next thing you know we'll have make our own team Olive Oil. After that our pizza's will have to be made Italian style... no cheese. DO YOU REALLY WANT THAT TO HAPPEN?!! :pizza: :beer: :beaver:

Well I actually have a background in statistical analysis so if anyone wanted to help me (gathering all of the data would be an absolute bitch for some of the games) I would be more than willing to create something. It wouldn't be that hard to come up with how to weigh the different values you would just use some trend analysis using historical data to build a model and then verify the model off of random sample of years. More than anything I would need some additional voices helping me to decide what data to use/not to use as that is where personal bias can really affect the results. Like I love defensive plays and would include as many as possible but that doesn't tell the whole story.
And as for how useful for anyone who bets on the games/plays fantasy football/just wants to be smarter when it comes to having the best guess as to who is going to win the next week information like this is always a plus.

Anyone interested let me know?

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I would be happy to help wherever I could, which might be more in the area of deciding what data to use or not and how to weigh it. I have no special knowledge of statistics. My suggestion to start would be understanding how golf and maybe tennis do this rather than reinventing the wheel. I am pretty sure they build in a “”quality of field” component so we would need to adjust for the quality of opponent too. I wonder if CFL.ca might be able to help resource wise or even if they would publish your finished product weekly as the Big Balls Fan Forum Rankings or something similar? It could start next season if all goes well, unless you think it could be done sooner.

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I'll start a new threat with this and anyone who wants to weigh in can do it there.

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@ Oursballsarebigger: HA! HA! Seems the Stamp fans are living in your head (Rent Free)

After all you are the one imagining the Stamp Fans are pissed off about not being ranked

#1 in the power ranking with no one at all saying anything like what your imagination has you believing.