Power Rankings: A very eventful Monday night

TORONTO — Those Monday night games can be a weird thing. When you’ve watched the first three games of the week and take Sunday to enjoy the tail end of the holiday weekend, you almost feel like that fourth, final game on the schedule is just one that has to happen to wrap things up.

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Ok, I'm a die-hard Bomber fan, and I appreciate the vote of confidence to place them at number 1 here, but really? Aren't we a little overestimating our 4-0 record, with an average winning margin of four points??

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...nday night games can be a weird thing. When you’ve watched the first three games of the week and take Sunday to enjoy the tail end of the holiday weekend, you almost feel like that fourth, final game on the schedule is just one that has to happen to wrap things up.This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at Power Rankings: A very eventful Monday night - CFL.ca

Don't believe Bombers should be #1. BC better at this point. No luck involved in the Lions wins - very decisive. For what it's worth, being blown out by the #2 ranked team & sitting @ 1-3 would seem to qualify lower than a 1-2 team that lost by 1 point to a #1 ranked team. Not that any of this matters. :smiley:

These rankings look pretty darn good to me. Big showdown coming, hoping we don't disappoint.

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When they say these are power rankings one has to really shake their head after seeing Winnipeg still sitting at the top spot. Maybe they should rename it "Lucky to be Alive rankings". Because the Bombers have only played the Weaker division teams and the top in that Eastern Division with a record of 1 win in 3 games almost beat the Bombers ! They came within tying it but for a missed easy Convert point. BC on the other hand won decisively against that same team by a point spread of 41 points the week before.
Again we all see that Winnipeg is the favorite team by the so called panel who make up these ranking, Too bad they don't use real data and facts over personal & biased opinions.
I mean how can a team (Ottawa) without a win move up the rankings while others who have posted wins fall below that other Team favourite of the panel?

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Canadian mafia again :smiling_imp:

The way it is so far in the west there ain't much difference in the top 4 teams the west undefeated could have both easily list two of the games in that win column. ..going to interesting run in the final weeks. ... Hopefully??!!


Well, it is the CFL.....Maybe more should go for their own mafia?

Hahahahaha the redblacks sitting above the other eastern teams makes me laugh so hard at the pure ridiculousity of this list.... though the fact that the Stamps aren't number one and it is definitely pissing off their fans to no end does bring me joy too

Winnipeg's offence has been mediocre at best in every game so far. They have only won any of the games because of their defence. BC has won every game through strong efforts on both sides of the ball. As mentioned in another comment, they haven's need luck or a single big play to win. They are obviously the best team in the league at this point. In fact, I would likely rank Winnipeg in third, behind both the Lions and Stamps. I won't be surprised if this panel finds a way to justify keeping Winnipeg first even if they lose to BC this week.

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Whoever wins next week will rightfully own 1st. Plain & simple.


BC #1 just like 3Down says. Winnipeg didn't look good at all, darn lucky to beat a team BC dissembled, played with, reassembled & put back on the plane back east. Winnipeg looked anything but "powerful" to me, & these are power rankings, no? BC showed a gutsy come from behind win last game & Winnipeg has sore fingernails from hanging on to the lead they very nearly & should have lost. I know who's #1 in my books. till Sat. anyway.

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Can you point me to this stamp fan please?

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Agreed. Second week in a row the rankings got it mostly right (I agree with pants on fire that the Argos should be the highest ranked East team, for what that’s worth). Winnipeg has one more win than any other team. That debate will end after Saturday night. Either BC will be a clear #1 or you can start pouring cement around the base of the Bombers #1. Hamilton deserves to be last right now but I don’t think they will stay there for too long.

Ok, I get the argument for B.C being ranked ahead of the Bombers. But can someone please explain the logic behind saying Calgary is better? (Serious question by the way)

They beat Montreal at home, had to have an epic road comeback to beat the now 0-4 Ti-cats, and then another close win at home against Edmonton, who is definitely(right now any way) the weakest team in the west?How are they better? Because the Bombers played Ottawa twice? If Calgary wins again this week, with a Bombers lose, then I agree they go higher. But now? No.

And I get it. The bombers don’t look good. Receiving core needs more time and aren’t getting any help from the run game. The Defence is very leaky at least in terms of yards allowed. But they still win.


I read all the comments (so far) and no one has said that Calgary is better , when talking about the #1 power rankings. Ourballsarebigger did make a statement similar to yours that he claims Stamp fans are pissed off their team isn't #1. I dismissed that as a poke at Stamp fans out of jealousy because there is nothing out there to base his opinion on that any Stamp fan as being pissed off for not having the Stamps ranked #1
Maybe you can point out who made the claim you just made?

Prariedogs....they get ornery when their team is in 4th place.

Rankings look about right for week 4. Hard to argue much after four games when some teams haven't played other top ranked teams yet.

On previous power ranking forums the argument has arisen. But you are correct it hasn’t on this one. Guess I wanted to vent a bit. Sorry bout that. It will be settled in 2 weeks any way when Winnipeg and Calgary play on the 15th.

Regular season is is for play off placement... You can call the best team AFTER play off matches. iF They play in the playoffs ... Or also call one team better that moves on if the other team does play your team because they lost the chance to play
Your team...

Haha awe squishy are you feeling brave posting on this subject because the Elks are no longer the power bottoms of the league?