Power Rankings: A two-tier world, for now

I mean it is downright insane to think both Winnipeg and Calgary will lose next week. I think they will so it is insanity

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It's not insanity, it's an opinion. just to play it safe though, don't mention this to any Stampeder fans. They've been feeding on rancid Alberta beef for so long that they're REALLY cranky. If you dare to recognize their "compliments" as insults they get really upset.

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No no, it's just living in Calgary that does that.....and looking at that one lonely banner in the Saddledome all the time.......and the fact their football team made two bits of my favorite comedys, Grey Cup 104 and 105. The way they panicked and threw those two games they had won away was hilarious....


Careful now, you may have your post removed, if you mentioned that area.....
Never say 3 of the following 8 words in a particular order



You're forgiven. Zack is good but even if Dru Brown plays we're going to win most of our remaining games. Enjoy the ride!

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Looks like I'm reading someone's cognitive test. Is it the Orange One's? :grin:

Ducks TV sucks

TV camera man

man woman person, take you pick :slight_smile:

but I can see just mentioning Calgary should get a post removed :slight_smile:

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I can see where talking about Calgary Man Ducks walking south for the winter might be flagged for being way off topic. As a species Calgary Man Ducks Suck by the way. They have no business blocking traffic.

specially the ones that were part of the so called "freedom" convoy :slight_smile:

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So THAT's what happened. Well... it's fried Calgary Man Duck for dinner then.

The only game I care about winning is on November 20th in Regina against whomever. Nothing else matters!

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Maybe those two Grey Cups are still playing head-games with Stampeder fans. Losing two straight to teams with combined regular season records of 17-18-1 must have been quite a blow.

I think this has an effect on the players too. In a post-game interview BLM started out speaking rather well of WPG. But then he started to ramble s bit ended up saying: "I've beaten that team a thousand times!"
That's quite a brag from I guy who has played a little over 150 games total. of which only twenty-two or so were against WPG. That guy must dream about beating them A LOT!


Way too early weekly predictions. Signing off for a couple of weeks as relatives come over from far & wide, Switzerland, Germany etc for big wedding. Have to be a good host so for the record, this is how it goes for the next 2 weeks.

Last week 1-2 YTD 20-11

Wk 9

Of Danny fans will soon be weary.
They should have kept their hands on Khari.
The doubleheader Bombers sweep.
The Als go down without a peep.

The REDBLACKS pull a huge upset.
A win this Thursday they will get.
The win comes courtesy Arbuckle.
Who gets to have the final chuckle.

I'm not too big on either team.
They're back & forth each week, it seems.
They'll each win one of the next two.
They'll win @ home, that's what they'll do.

The Lions & their young star Rourke,
This week they will make easy work,
Over a team who is progressing.
But not there yet is what I'm guessing.

Week 10

Mtl - Wpg -see comments above

Ham - Tor -see comments above

The past 3 weeks the losses mounted.
They weren't there when it really counted.
I'd have to lean towards BC.
Can Stamps come back, I guess we'll see.

In Riderville there is dissension.
The air is laced with fear & tension.
To beat the Elks now is a must.
I think their road trip is a bust.


the thumb up on your post was for the last line...not the first line... but wow if it ever happened you would be a genius for predicting it.

Enjoy your 2 weeks vacation from this site......
.......Oh Ya enjoy the wedding.