Power Rankings: A shakeup out of the gate

TORONTO β€” After six months without the CFL, we were rewarded with many of the best things that the game has to offer in Week 1.

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Hmmmm, think I would have switched Hamilton and Ottawa around. Both lost but Ottawa looked really good, Hamilton so much.

Oops, that should have read, Hamilton, not so much

Lol.. the Bombers barely beat a team who they should've lost to by double digits yet still ranked #1.

HA! HA! HA! The only ones I think are close to correct are Winnipeg, BC & Edmonton. But then these "SO CALLED" Power rankings are really only a biased opinion of the author. They are good for a laugh though.

Kinda funny...if anyone really cares which team is where.

Winnipeg remains in first Meh...?
Saskatchewan and Hamilton switch places....ok
Toronto unchanged...at 3rd

Now it gets funny
Ottawa lost but claimed up 1 spot....they played well but lost.
Calgary won and went down two ???
BC won and jumped up two properly so

Montreal lost & Edmonton wasn't prepared at all...fill in the bottom two spots #8 & #9....

That middle section got a bit strange.

Yup, pretty bad.

Bombers won, so hold onto top spot, but Riders are right there nipping.
BC should be higher after that performance, even if it was against an ugly duckling. But I guess they are moving up. Ott deserves to be midfield, and so do the Als, but with Stanback injured I guess that drops them. This week vs Argos will be telling for the East. Big game for #3 CGY vs Hamilton.
Mont (only due to the injury, can climb if they can replace him)
Edm How hard do they fall this week?

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"Nobody wanted to see the Esks season start this way?" Really? I guess that's right! I was hoping for an equally good second half and finish up the game 84-12! How can you not enjoy watching the Mighty Schomes get thier buts kicked, and in particular, watching Chris Jones get his but kicked.

That's pure entertainment!

P.S - great to see Rourke get a good start

Perhaps if the Stamps beat the Cats this week they will drop down to 9th (just to keep the trend going). If they beat the Schmoes the following week, will they end up 11th?

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Honestly think Sask should be ranked First (and I am a Bomber fan so that hurt to type!) simply based on a larger margin of victory against a similar team. And since it is weekly power rankings Calgary and BC should be ranked higher(in my opinion) then Hamilton and Ottawa because they won and Hamilton and Ottawa lost. But what ever. Any given team on any given day.

I agree with GHS, switch Ott and Ham.

Well when the riders play the stamps and beat them it won’t help their power rankings beating a bottom feeder

Only thing worse is being a stumps fan and want Bo CHOKE in playoff games year after year

the EE should be in 12 place...and yes i know it is a 9 team league... they played that bad.


I believe it is far too early to rank the teams - give it a few more weeks. However, even then the thing that is wonderful about the CFL, teams can pick up their game at any time to change the final standings.

These Week 1 rankings are a Joke. Here is how the true rankings should look. 1. Calgary Stampeders
2. B.C. Lions
3. Saskatchewan Roughriders
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
5.Toronto Argonauts
6. Montreal Alouettes
7. Hamilton Tiger Cats
8. Ottawa Redblacks
9. Edmonton Elk

Even I'm not going to give the Lions #2 yet. Not on only one game (excellent as it was), but another game like that & I won't be disagreeing.

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Power rankings,are like horse shoes,and hand grenades. One just has to be sort of close.
BC was good yes,but they also played a team that either did not show up to play or was incapable of playing. The Argos did not play.
If anything a two or three way tie for first is in order.anyone who thinks a valid power rank can be made after one game has rocks in their heads

Hard for me to say if SK or MB deserves 1st...they both had issues, SK in moving the ball on the ground or in general for 3 quarters...and MB the secondary looked absolutely average at best. I do agree BC deserves a higher place but they also were playing against a team that looked like it gave up after the first snap. Calgary did win but honestly it was against a team that lost one of the primary offensive weapons and they just managed to win. Toronto doesn't deserve 3rd in any universe but CFL.ca often equals trying to hype that team for no apparent reason. Hamilton had a good-ish defense but apparently their O-Line has decided to emulate BC from the past few years. All in all its a first week and its a meh accurate power ranking that will change drastically in the next few weeks.

So you think that what the Stamps deserved a higher rank after that ...meh performance where they barely beat a team without its best offensive weapon?