Power Rankings: A restless herd mobilizes

TORONTO — As the Ottawa REDBLACKS inched closer to an unlikely victory on Saturday night at BC Place, it was difficult to not think about the opportunity that was slipping through the BC Lions’ claws.

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So the TiCats are sitting back in 7th place after winning 3 of 4 against BC in BC, Ottawa in Ottawa coming off the bye week but Cats on 3 days rest, and Winnipeg at home.

Go check out the power rankings over at 3downnation if you want to see some validation for our Ticats.


I don’t usually get too worked up about these power rankings but what’s a team gotta do to get a little respect around here!?!

Rant over…

As you were


I’d put the Cats above both Mtl & Saskatchewan at least but it’s a potato, potahto kind of thing once you get past #3. And Ottawa is definitely where they should be. I feel for Dyce but it is what it is.

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Montreal has lost 4 straight so I thought that would be a no brainer, Saskatchewan could be a coin flip with Hamilton though I figured getting pummeled by 45 against Winnipeg and losing at home to Edmonton would drop them below Hamilton.

Edmonton still needs to go up against the top 3 teams to see where they stack up

I enjoy the rankings for being a conversation starter, but I definitely think the guys over at 3downnation generally get a more accurate ranking than TSN most weeks.


Sure feels like the rankings from top to bottom are starting to get a little more tighter.
Used to be a BIG gap after #3, but now really not that much seperation from 1-8.
Literally any team can win on any night, but RB’s just seem to keep finding ways to lose.

Woefully underestimating the TigerCats. They could be as high as 4th after beating the Bombers. Powell has improved greatly since he was forced to come in and should probably play ahead of Mitchell and Shiltz when they return. They can’t finish first and might not make second, but they’ll be a real challenge to both Montreal and the Argos in the playoffs. If they win in Toronto Saturday I’ll rank them 4 th for sure.


It will be real interesting to see how Sask, Edm, Mont & Ham all perfrom this week. Lots of movement could be made.

Well it is still looking Toronto will meet Winnipeg in the Grey Cup, not sure BC can take Winnipeg and as good as Hamilton looks, taking Toronto will be tuff especially since they would have to play the week before. Cross over looks all but impossible.

My take:

Power rankings are for funsies and meaningless.

Having said that:

Edmonton is too high at 4. They haven’t beaten a top team. They will get to play them down the stretch. We’ll see if I am wrong.

The Ticats should be 4th. They have recently beaten two top teams and handily beat BC. An argument could be made that they should be 3rd after BC lost on the field against the worst team in the league at home but pulled out two points as a result of possibly the worst coaching decision of the century.

Saskatchewan should be one above Montreal as they haven’t lost 4 in a row and did beat a top team in Winnipeg a few weeks ago.

Otherwise no problems with 1 & 2 and 8 & 9.


A 4-10 team at #4 :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


The clowns on CFL.ca are literally clueless. How can you have Hamilton at 7. Idiots


Winning six games is not a lot to brag about but the Cats are on a winning streak as Zach Collaros stated before his team was defeated by the Cats. This winning streak against formidable teams should have propelled them up the list higher. However, what the heck will happen on the list when the Cats defeat the Argos this week? Perhaps the list will be ripped up or the creators will have to eat the list timidly in small bites. :face_with_monocle:


Hamilton should be where Edmonton is…then Edmonton then Saskatchewan and then Calgary…followed by Montreal and Ottawa.

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I think winning 4 of the last 5, and beating a 6-6 team this week likely has a lot to do with that. As well as a three game win streak which I don’t think any team ranked below them has done this season.

We will see though as BC, Toronto, and Winnipeg are on the schedule in the next 5 weeks. Along with a bye week 17, and the Larks.

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Western bias as usual…

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My esks aint the 4th best team in the C. realistically Hamilton and Sask are better

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That’s why they play the games, Kid. Must be new to the CFL. We’re the current champs expected to win?:wink:

You and so many others still expect the PR to reflect the standings. They even asked for the sake of providing perspective, if they played anyone listed below them in the PR, TO-DAY, who’d win? Based on their record in the previous 5 games….the answer is clearly ALL of them.

How about a new ranking -

  1. Toronto
  2. BC
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Other…

No way is BC in the same tier as Toronto and Winnipeg