Power Rankings: A QB collision course

TORONTO — We’ve got a strong game of the week contender in Calgary.

For the first time as a starter, Nathan Rourke will lead the BC Lions into Calgary to face Bo Levi Mitchell and the Stampeders.

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Solid power rankings again this week. I agree with the top 5. The bottom 4 have been so bad to date it really doesn’t matter where they are ranked and winning even one game can lead to moving up to 6th in the rankings.

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Seems about right. Cal/BC game could flip those 2 teams only if Cal wins big time. Poor Ottawa. :cry:

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Just so I don't run afoul of that raging fan who thinks we twist the facts to make our point... I'll let the article speak for itself." :grin:


Ya Ya it looks right… after this weekend things might change and or BC just might finally get some Street Credit.

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Ya Ya it looks right… after this weekend things might change and or BC just might finally get some Street Credit.</p if they beat a good team on the road. rather than stomping a bad team at home a couple times. I will definitely give them more "street credit" LOL you have to admit they have had a bit of a favorable schedule. five home games and two road games. the Stamps have had three home games and four road games. the Bombers three home games and six road games. obviously it will all even out in the end but also why I am a little wait and see with the Lions. right now.

Alright Igo64… the wife and kids had a trip planned to go to Calgary Alberta for a family celebration of life (this weekend) due to an Uncle passing away on her side.

I will also go with them and attend the game in Calgary because this is important to her and she will let me attend the Stamps vs Lions game witch is important to me LOL… I will wear my BC colours and hope to beat the Stamps at home in what seems like years. They win and we both get some “street credit “

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I'm leaning towards agreeing with Igo64 a little. I want to see BC beat a good team. I don't even care if it's at home or away - just beat a good team. So far all the teams they've beaten all have losing records, except for the 4-3 Argos. Looking forward to the set between the Lions and the Stamps, hopefully some entertaining football.

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