Power Rankings: A new world order

TORONTO — We head into Week 4 with some significant change, at least around these parts.

The BC Lions are the top team in the CFL.ca Power Rankings. Their move up won’t surprise many, given the Lions’ resounding 30-6 win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Thursday night.

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“Three games into the season, the Bombers are the cream of the CFL crop.”

After viewing the Lions-Bombers blowout, I must assume this is a typo.

Will this week’s Edmonton-Ottawa game end up as a double OT tie?

Again, pretty much bang on.

I know some fans were calling for a major Montreal rise, but power rankings should never have big changes - it’s more incremental. Now, if Montreal beats WPG next week then we see Montreal in at least 3rd, and WPG could drop to 5th.

And wow, a 34 week reign atop the power rankings. Incredible.
That will never happen again.


I know it’s only week 3 but I can’t remember the last time I saw my Lions on top of these here power rankings… not even with that other QB from last year. So I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy this week while we prepare for a big game on Monday.


Enjoy the top spot, life is easier when you’re not the focus of revenge. It’s so much better to sneak in late and snatch victory from behind. Well deserved though.


Okay, if I understand correctly how these experts’ brains work, if the Alouettes beat the Bombers this week, will they climb to first or second place, or will they still place the Argonauts above them? Which, in my opinion, they don’t deserve. With yesterday performance I dont see how Toronto should be so high.

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The Argos deserve the 3rd spot in the rankings. With two impressive games (albeit against weak teams) they could even be ranked higher than Winnipeg who they beat last November. If they beat the Lions next Monday they should move up to first. If they lose badly they should drop behind Saskatchewan to 4th. Monday’s game should be a good one. Hope it’s not a blowout for either team.


It was jaw-droppingly fun while it lasted. I never thought we’d stay at the top of the CFL world for so long. I wonder what’s in store for us now? A long slow slide below the depths of mediocrity to second last and then finally last place? Or will our super-powered GM Kyle Walters lift his Mighty Hammer (otherwise known as ‘Danny Mac’) to the skies and cause a rain of youthful talent to descend upon IG Field in the nick of time to restore our league dominance before this season ends?

Nah. Probably not.

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I agree with this rating for Week 3.

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While I was reading this article New Damage from Soundgarden started playing in my head:

When new damage comes
It’s a faceless poison
A new world order
It’s new damage done

The wreck is goin’ down, get out before you drown
The wreck is goin’ down, get out before you drown

Hmmm … obviously you actually did read the original quote wrong (and there is NO typo - go back and read it again). The article indeed, did say the Lions were the “CREAM OF THE CROP”, and not as you are “suggesting”, the Bombers are the cream of the crop???

I agree with most of their rankings except I would have put the Als ahead of the Riders.

The stamps continue their slide to ninth and hopefully at long last Dickinhead will be punted Down the road

I’m curios why the Bombers have 3 by-weeks?
I know there are pros and cons to the by-weeks, but the timing of them is very curious as well.
Just curious, that’s all.

They should all have 3 bye weeks. It’s a 21-week season and all teams play 18 games.

The timing is another issue. Last year, their byes came late in the season. It looks like it’s the same this year at weeks 8, 16, and 19.

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It’s always tough on the team that has the bye the last week of the season. This year the Lions last game will be October 20th and their next game will probably be Nov 11 when they host the west final. That would be 22 days between games

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I guess fans of BC might want them to finish 2nd, or even 3rd.
So they can an extra game before loosing to the Bombers. Lol


The last week is a three game week so there are three teams that don’t play in the final week; Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and BC. I think the first and last week are the worst ones for a bye week but every team has to take a turn being off those weeks.

I would say barring injuries, the Lions should be there in the Grey Cup. Probably playing the Argos; there are no other plausible candidates in the East unless Montreal can impress (they are doing ok so far but we shall see). If my Redblacks can win 6 games I will consider this season a success. Not betting on it, though.