Power Rankings: A little clarity after Week 7

TORONTO — In weeks past — the previous one included — a jumble in the standings has made ranking these teams something of a challenge.

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Can't you read a simple standings chart? The Blue Bombers are the team with the best defensive record - only allowing 98 points through 7 games. BC has only played 6 games and has allowed 106 points on defense. Do the writers of this column even now how to read or do some basic fact checking??

Hey CFL writers maybe do a bit of proof reading before you post an article. Especially if you are doing a copy\paste from last week's article. I don't know what game you guys were watching in what universe but in this universe the Elks DIDN'T score a TD on defense. Instead, it was the Bombers who scored 2 (count them 1, 2) TDs on defense against the Elks!!

Pussies no longer. After hitting rock bottom for weeks one and three the Lions managed to claw their way up to second best. For now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The Riders may have something to say about that this Friday. Dare I say… “GAME OF THE WEEK”?!!

Beer and snacks are already in the fridge. :smiley: :+1:


heck yeah!

  HECK yeah!!

        HECK YEAH!!!

Beer are snacks :grin: :tumbler_glass:

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I’d suggest that this game does indeed have all the makings of the “Game of the Week” and although we still have half a season to go, its looking more and more likely (to me) that it will be the Bombers, Riders and Lions that fight for positioning in the playoff push.

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It sure looked to me like Masoli was itching to go on the sidelines! He didn't look to be in any discomfort. I have a really bad feeling that there might be a trade in the works, and that's why he's not playing! I sure hope not! He deserves another shot, the 2 games he got this year he had a terrible O line, and a bunch of new guys to the league, so him struggling wasn't a big surprise. With what we've seen happen with starting QBs the last few seasons, it's almost worth it to have 2 legitimate starters, pay the $$ cause at some point in the season a back-up will required to step in due to an injury.

Hmmm. Does Tigercat76 have his ear to the door at TigerCat HQ? Did he bribe an overweight coach with a cup of coffee and one of those fancy donuts with sprinkles?

Time will tell. :grin:

Is the Masoli experiment over?

I agree with the Top 3 picks. :tophat: :three: :wc: :football: :canada:

Time for the media to get over the hard on it has for Calgary.

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Won’t be easy for media to get over this. Perhaps another 2 losses w/ either Bo or Maier in the saddle. Huff does have an amazing pipeline into NFL & NCAA cast-off talent so I suspect their program will be somewhat repaired by last 3 games of season. Maybe too late to nab a playoff spot - but certainly a contender for the wildcard - ie. 8th-placed team of 9.
Can’t see Ottawa or even Montreal being much better than the Stamps.

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