Power Rankings: A heavyweight tilt is upon us

TORONTO — We’re just four days out from what could be the most anticipated game on this year’s regular season schedule. The 10-4 West-leading Winnipeg Blue Bombers host the 12-1 East and CFL-leading Toronto Argonauts on Friday night, marking the first time these teams have met since the Argos claimed the 109th Grey Cup more than 10 months earlier.

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And Calgary goes ‘thunk!’

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What is this CFL.ca love affair with the Elkimos ? I know they have improved since putting Ford in and yes he is a Canadian but how in the Hell can you rank a team 4th and then 5th in b2b weeks with the record they have ? Their record sits at 4-11 for God sakes and they have zero to nil chance at grabbing a playoff spot this season .

Now don’t get me wrong here , they have improved but not 4th and 5th over-all improved . The way things are going they are going to be ranked top 3 before the end of the season with double digit losses in the ‘L’ column .


I have no problem placing them in the middle of the pack right now (5th). 4-2 lately, but they should never have gone to 4th, I agree.


CFL.ca only injecting Elkimos into #4 or #5 spot based on recent play and winning streak. Some Elk fans unhappy cuz they have to pay money to see games now vs. getting free ride on the loser’s promotion.
If Elks had somehow managed to win their last game they would have had a reasonable shot at 3rd in west, now its a tinker’s dream. But they still are playing good football and deserve no worse than 5th overall. Like I said, I’m sure there are some at CFL.ca thinktank that would have put them as high as 3rd overall if they had won their last match, certainly 4th.
Not much will go against the form chart down the CFL stretch. Toronto has locked up #1 in East, 2 dogs fighting for #2 & #3.
Biggest upset I see coming is Winnipeg falling short in their quest for first (getting destroyed by Toronto this Friday will all but assure this) and then getting upset by Sask’n in the West semi-final at IGF. Sask will go down to BC in the quest for another Grey Cup appearance.
Toronto should smother whoever comes out of the dog-fight for 2nd/3rd. Might be an interesting game for about half.
Toronto vs. BC is your 2023 Grey Cup non-half time show.
What kind of money can be made betting on that outcome?

Let’s hope a QB does not go out for the season with a dirty hit.

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I would say if only the Elk had won ONE of the first nine games things would have much different

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They had more than a few opportunities. The one that sticks out the most for me was that game against the Riders where they had the game all but sewn up with seconds left on the clock. The returner had a massive brain fart and gave up a single point that was the margin of victory 12-11 for the Riders in that game .


well on the bright side, he will NEVER do that again.

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He must’ve enrolled in the Tim White class on the Art of Kick Returning 101 .