Power Rankings: A hard-to-peg race

TORONTO — We’ve reached the OK Tire Labour Day Weekend and as we get to the biggest and best atmosphere of regular season games, in some ways it feels like we’re back at square one.

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Oh these crazy power rankings… this labour day weekend could shake the tree.

If Riders can beat the Bombers they should be #1 and if Stamps beat the Elks they stay at #2 with the Bombers moving to #3 and then the Lions have a week off so they might move to #7 or # 8 because they lost to the Riders the previous week… oh what a ride.

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...and you can say this with a straight face?

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How do the Riders move into first place with a win over the Bombers, again?


The Riders do concern me a bit. Allows do going into the Labour Day game. Seen it far too often where the Bombers are rolling and the Riders are floundering and yet the Riders pull off the W. However, I wouldn't move them up to 1st if they won. Just like they didn't jump BC in these standings after beating BC.
It will be interesting to see if they have their offence going or was last week an aberration.
I would still put the Riders ahead of the Argos. Toronto is overrated thanks to playing in a soft Eastern Division. Put them in the West and they are battling it out with Edmonton for last place.

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You must be on planet delirious if you think the bombers would drop to 3 and a 6-5 riders team number 1 lol , bombers are totally in a class of their own , the only way bombers drop is if Collaros goes down for long time

It’s called drinking the goofy juice

Maybe if the Bombers lost both games vs sask (shudders) they drop to 3rd....maybe.....

The Argos beat riders back to back lol

I'm pretty sure he's saying all that tongue-in-cheek. At least, that's my interpretation, and therefore I think it's a pretty funny post and giving it a thumbs up.

Nice troll. HAHAHA

It's the 'New Math'.

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Well these days, if someone's math is incorrect, you can't tell them so because they'll sue you for hurting their feelings.

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Argos barely beat a Riders team that was seriously depleted by injuries and suspension. In the second game they played against the Riders backup QB playing in his first professional game. Since that back-to-back series, Saskatchewan has gotten health and made a couple pickups from NFL cuts while Toronto has lost their best player, Harris, to injury for the year.

Argos are 0-3 against any other Western Team being outscored 44-89.

Argos are the ONLY team in the league to lose to both Hamilton and Ottawa who have a combined record of 5-16.

So yeah, they are overrated. lol

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The Argos are NOT overrated - they are - plain simply - a horrible team with MacBeth leading the ship/

Yes thank you it was all done in fun because Stamps lost and BC lost so Stamps passed the Lions.
I love you all because you are CFL Fans and care. I always tell the wife how lucky she is because the CFL is the only professional sport that I watch.
As always discussed these are more of a perceived power rankings and the team’s record doesn’t really count.
I guess the Lions moved down because we are going through QB’s like toilet paper at a family reunion :thinking:

To me, Power Rankings are about who is the scariest team to face right now. And #1 is the Bombers, deservedly so. I feel the Stamps played a really really good game, probably about as well as they (or anyone) could play - and yet the Bombers still came out on top.

The Lions moved down yes because of their QB situation. It's bad enough without Rourke, but to have to go to #3 is tough. I do think at the moment, more teams would be scared of the Stamps though than the Lions.

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I'd rate the Stamps as number 2 right now although that could change if VA plays lights out football for the Lions against the Als on the 9th.