Power Ranking through 3 weeks

Saskatchewan - to be the best, you've gotta beat the best. no turn overs through 3 games. 50 more points than allowed.
BC - close game but lost to riderville. missed FG attempts proved costly.
Montreal - riding high after exacting revenge on the stamps. 2 game win streak.
Edmonton - got it done on all 3 facets of the game. jyles still has no accuracy, though.
Hamilton - coming together as a team. chris williams is lights out on returns.
Toronto - could be 3-0 right now if they had a competent kicker. in every game right to the end.
Calgary - deserved a better fate. still very competitive thus far.
Winnipeg - need to get some stability from the QB position or this will be a long season.

No arguments here, I would have them ranked the same way.


It would be so easy to just rank them by their record. However, the point of the Power Ranking is to take into account the things that aren't reflected in the standings; a weak schedule, winning despite poor performance, losing despite good performance ect.

  1. Montreal - Looked better in their 2 wins than BC or Sask and looked better in their loss than Sask did in beating Edmonton.
  2. BC - I know they lost to Sask, but the Riders got a huge break on a missed clip on the winning touchdown. BC had the better game statistically Saturday and 1 win does not erase the stench from the Edm-Sask game.
  3. Saskatchewan - 3-0 is 3-0 and despite the ugly they did respond with a win despite themselves. Must improve if they expect to stay on top long term.
  4. Toronto - Should be 3-0. Gave up to many big plays and too much failure in the red zone. They're also one mistake from being 0-3.
  5. Hamilton - Burris 12-27-181 44.4%, Cory Boyd had 66yds more rushing than Hamilton as a team and 11 punts to 8 by the Agro's is going to lose you more games than it will wins. Without an offense Williams will be the only up side to this so far under achieving team.
  6. Calgary - And sinking fast. The loss to Toronto last week was forgivable, but to lose the way they did against the Als.....
  7. Edmonton - The Toilet Bowl was played Friday night and won convincingly by the Esks.
  8. Winnipeg - They lost to Edmonton. If you managed to watch the entire Edm/Sask game last week nothing more needs to be said. Edmonton stomped them.
  1. Saskatchewan - Knocked off the defending Champs in a very close game, only remaining undefeated team.
  2. BC - Statistically they were better than Saskatchewan, but they had turnovers and some major mistakes on Special Teams
  3. Montreal - They looked great against the Bombers, but unconvincing both games against the Stamps. Also Calvillo is banged up and we're only in week 3.
  4. Edmonton - Top team defensively in the league, they're going to have to right the ship Offensively to be more than a .500 team.
  5. Toronto - Could be 3-0, find themselves 1-2. Too many penalties and Special Teams mistakes.
  6. Calgary - Should have beaten Montreal, Tate is now likely gone for the season.
  7. Hamilton - Chris Williams is a beast, he just needs a QB to get him the ball. Burris has been unimpressive thus far. Defense is near the bottom.
  8. Winnipeg - Hung tough for 3 quarters against the Leo's, that's been the high point of the season so far.

Why so high for Edmonton? A week victory against the Argos week one and the disaster last week. This week they won but against the worst in the league. Curious.

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. BC
  3. Toronto
  4. Montreal
  5. Calgary
  6. Hamilton
  7. Edmonton
  8. Winnipeg

3-7 is almost a toss-up. I have never been more excited to see how a season is going to end up.


Their defence. Held the Riders to 7 points until the 2 minute mark of the 4th quarter in their loss. They aren’t flashy but they deserve to be in the top 4.

  1. Saskatchewan - Basically a tossup between them and BC, I'm breaking that tie based on record.
  2. BC - Lost a close one, but still a great team that will go a long way this year.
  3. Montreal - Fortunate that they're playing in the East, because they're not the same team they've been for the last several years.
  4. Toronto - Played better then Hamilton in two out of three aspects of the game. Also while no team in the East has more points for then against, Toronto is the closest to doing it. They need to clean up special teams issues and they'll be contenders.
  5. Hamilton - Forget about the win, this game isn't even close without their superstar returner. Offense is still inconsistent, at best.
  6. Edmonton - Best defense in the league, paired up with the second worst offense in the league. Beating Winnipeg isn't exactly convincing.
    7.Calgary- Worst defense in the West, and now they have to try to score enough points on O to win games without Drew Tate for the season. I don't think Kevin Glenn is going to get that done.
  7. Winnipeg - Points For/Against is 1:2. What more needs to be said?

Their offense is terrible. They've shown NOTHING on offense against any team that isn't the worst in the league.

The defense isn't going to hold teams to 3 points a game, so they have to be able to score some points. Until they show they can do that against real opposition, they don't belong in the top four.

1 Saskatchewan --> Props to Coach Chamblin.
2 BC Lions --> Clearly a top 2 team.
3 Montreal --> Just seems right this week. Calvillo being banged up is a concern though...
4 Calgary --> This team could easily be 3-0. I find them very exciting to watch this year. The defense is always trying to create big play turnovers and thus far it has provided a win and 2 very close games where they lost by a combined 4 points.
5 Hamilton --> Important win for this team, special teams was obviously the difference and gave them a victory.
6 Edmonton--> YOU NEED TO SCORE POINTS IN THIS LEAGUE!!! And in this last week they did, I am reserving judgement until they score on a better team, though.
7 Toronto --> I wish I could rank the Argos higher than 7th this week, but I simply cannot.
8 Winninpeg --> :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Thanks. Not enough for me just yet, but that's what makes the discussion interesting. Cheers.

BC-still a strong team
Montreal- never count them out
Toronto- should be 3-0
Edmonton-great Defense
Hamilton-will get better
Calgary-not so sure about Glen
Winnipeg-rough patch right now
Saskatchewan :stuck_out_tongue: some heads are gonna explode when they see this :lol:

The last time someone baited Rider fans like that, we never heard from them again. :cowboy:

I heard the body is under the end zone field at Mosaic. :wink:

It was almost as if they never existed... :o

Wasn't me though.

Yes, I would have to agree with you in the rankings.

As for the Argos I think the Ticats should have rubbed it in and could have easily been up 35-0 at half time, but they did ease off and went easy on them. I also think that there is a fix on this year for the Argos. I wouldn't be surprised if the Commish did send the word to the Ticats to ease off and make the game close. It would disastrous and an embarassment for the league if they started the season 0 - 5 and home crowds in the 15K range. The CFL is desperate to make it work in Toronto.

He might also send a note reminding them that disabling the visitor locker room's AC when it's almost 40C out is bush league crap. Just saying. :stuck_out_tongue:

You were joking right? Or are you still looking for the man on the grassy knoll too.