Power ranking ranting

New power rankings are out, and as meaningless as they may be, are always good for a spirited and meaningless debate. Officaly, here is this weeks offering;
Do you agree?

1 Winnipeg
2 Saskatchewan
3 Hamilton
4 Montreal
5 Toronto
6 Edmonton
7 Bc
8 Calgary
9 Ottawa

I agree for the most part....Montreal and Toronto could be interchangeable.

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looks about right to me

I expect both Edmonton and British Columbia to move ahead of more of the Eastern teams over the next three weeks.


I’m not sure about that....4,5,6 and 7th ranked teams are all looking inconsistent so far. It’s possible though.

That 8th place team needs to put in 12th place

I'll argue that. First two games for the Elks were bad. I could use a lot of colorful language to describe how bad.
I see steady improvement by the game for the Elks. Fired a terrible Special teams coach that lost us at least one game. Noel Thorpe bend but don't break defence is playing well. Steady improvement on offence. When you have 6 receivers racking up yards Harris (who has been very motivated since the Sewell incident) doesn't have to throw into the tough places all the time. That and adding Moncrief might help on the turnover front.

Beating BC and Calgary is fine, not a real turnaround quite yet. That’s my point.

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The objective rankings:

I think this year there will be alot of moving up and down with most of the teams.

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I think Ernst had a few too many while watching “Moneyball” when he did this one.

Only one I think I would move would be Calgary - -up to 6th.

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I appreciate your post just the way is, not b/c I'm a homer (I am) but this is your topic, it keeps people engaged between weekends. your doing a great job.
keep it up Sir. Thank you

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Very possible when Bo comes back.....I don’t think so for this week.

I like your rankings Paul but I think that I would rank Ottawa lower than where you have them . :arrow_down: :grinning:

Yes I would rank Ottawa behind Halifax right now .

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I'd rank them behind Shreveport , Vegas and Birmingham as well .

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With Dunnigan , Calvillo and Toliver at QB today definitely .

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Lower than Biden’s approval rating?