Power Ranking...# 7

TSN's Jim Lang has ranked the Ticats 7th in the new Power Rankings.

Woohoo !!
We're number 7 !!
We're number 7 !!

Jim's comments....

Like the caveman who first discovered fire, the Ticats discovered the ability to score touchdowns again. After scoring 27 points in the first half, the Ticats hung on for dear life but were the better team in the end and actually won a home game again. You've got to love new GM Marcel Desjardins. Every week he's making moves.


looks like we r ranked 8th to me...


jim lang is with sportsnet, not tsn..thats the problem here....go to sportsnet.ca then click cfl on the top of the page, then scroll down to lang's PR's.

Remember even with our massive offensive outburst we still only scored 1 offensive td.
The other 2 were a kick return, and an interception.

we have now gone more than 2 quarters without a score.
Starting a new streak...I hope not!!

umm…I believe one was a punt return and the other was a rushing touchdown. Sure…the rushing touchdown was set up by an interception and they only had 10-15 yards to get the touchdown, that wasnt something we could have done earlier.

And besides…if special teams and defensive touchdowns (or those set up by defensive plays) didnt count, we’d be having a better season than we are now. Yep…just checked…they count!

I know its hard to understand this... cause we dont see many TD's. But Flick scored a receiving TD and Anthony Davis scored a rushing TD.

Thats 2.

Fowlkes was the other.