Power Outages

I was listening to the Saskatchewn - Edmonton game on the weekend when they said the power at the stadium went out. I guess it was out for around 45 minutes.

Does anyone remember about 25 years ago when Hamilton had 2 games in which the stadium lights went out?

I'm pretty sure it happend in Calgary first, the lights were out for about 30 minutes. Then about 2 or 3 weeks later Hamilton was in Saskatchewn for a game and the power went off for about an hour.

I can't remember if Hamilton won or lost those games.

The game on the weekend made me think about it.

The first was in Saskatchewan. the Cats lost 18-15, the second took place in Edmonton in the second last game of the year, the Cats lost again 14-11.

Nice bit of Tivia Cattmann77

I remember watching those games as the CBC guys were doing their best to fill the time.

I was at the Saskatchewan - Edmonton game on the weekend when the power at the stadium went out.

The day before I had said that I hoped this would be the game this year that gets delayed by lightning. Because there's always one. And I wanted to be there for one.
At the time, the forecast still said the rain would be on Sunday, not Saturday.

Yeah, it was all me.