Power Back

I like Robertson but think we need a power hawg in the backfield. Whos that Montreal running back that looks like he could single handedly win every game for Montreal.


Are you referring to Avon Cobourne?

By the way I see the Als have signed DeAndra' Cobb [formerly Toronto]. I remember Cobb destroyed B.C. in a couple of games. Should make for a great addition to the Als.

yeah Cobourne. It always seemed that he was deadly and thankfully underutilized by the Als agin us. Cobb nailed us especially that one game. But Wes Cates comes across a bit harder than Robertson.
A real horse like the Fridge would be fun.

The thing about finding that kind of talent Mystic is keeping it. Occasionally we get a guy who is in a class all by himself- like Wake, or Logan or Mallet. And then what happens? The guy cuts class and heads down south. I can't say as I blame him, I know I sure would give it a try if the opportunity were there. Then you have guys like Geroy Simon. A guy like Geroy fills up the seats. Glad he is sticking around.

We get a guy like Arceneaux and look what happens. I don't know what the answer is to keeping some of these top notch players for a much longer period of time. Is it all about dollars? Maybe there isn't an answer but for some of these players the CFL just seems to be a stepping stone and coaches like Wally can't do much about it.

Reality Bites - yer right. How could I forget those guys so fast. Well maybe we can find another one of'em to make it happen all over again. Hope blooms eternal . . .

The Lions signed former Arizona State running back, Keegan Herring, last week. He just might be the answer to the Lions’ running attack this year. He’s a little small (5’10" 200 lbs), but he’s got some wheels.

I’m an ASU alum (and season ticket holder), so I saw quite a bit of Keegan when he was there.

I hope he makes the team and makes some noise with the Lions!

you meen formerly hamilton

Yo Sundevil - sounds fishy but I'm gonna keep my eye out for Mr. Keegan. Thanks for the tip.

At least now you can keep any of the really good guys for at least two years after signing now that the NFL option, formerly in effect after only one season, has been closed for new contracts effective this year.

go cfl.

Jamal Robertson is an veteran back and was pretty good for the Lions last season: 953 yds on 154 carries for a 6.2 yd average, 8 TDs vs. 3 fumbles. He certainly would have been well over 1,000 yds had he not been injured early on. From everything I've seen he's a solid teammate and has proven both in Toronto and BC that he can do all three jobs: rushing, catching the ball out of the backfield and pass blocking. With proven skills like that he will be likely be the Leos' opening day starter this year. In a league where you're considered "an old man" at thirty, he is thirty-four as of January 2011.

Travis Lulay rushed for 396 yds on 62 carries and 3 TDs last year, a 6.4 yd average, most of it in the last seven games of the year. If he stays healthy and keeps his fumbles to a minimum, his rushing should really help the Lions' offence and keep opposition defenders off balance.

Yonus Davis rushed for 213 yds on 34 carries for an excellent 6.3 yard average. He may assume a greater role in the rush offence, especially if Robertson gets hurt. Hopefully that won't take away from his excellent work on kick returns. This guy is a real game changer.

You'll probably see Jamall Lee get more involved in the Lions' rushing game. He would seem to be the closest we have to a "power back". He should be better this year after a full training camp. You have to think that at some point this year or next, Jamall Lee would assume the starting role. We might see more of Jerome Messam this season and Rolly Lambala will most likely start at fullback.

Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I anticipate the Lions will make a massive trade for a feature back before too long.

Wow is their running game really hurting considering not the greatest defence in Montreal too.

On the other hand, perhaps Wally called at most perhaps 5 running plays in the first game of 2011 when you take out the three runs by Lulay.

Ahem...the Alouettes had the best run defence in the league last year
3rd best defence overall

I still say the supreme lack in a running game is the difference in either of these two losses, for you had to leave matters up to the passing game and special teams as were not enough to bail you out.

Messem now plays for the Esks, I'd like to say thanks to Wally for that move . I'm a bit suprised to be honest as he is what you guys are missing in your run game power back and a NI. I know you have Lee but having 2 NI is such an advantage .
Good luck the rest of the way Lions fans.

Right now, I'd settle for an even average running game. Its been non-existant so far.

We had that powerback: Jerome Messam. Then he started throwing his weight around with his teammates. Then he got dealt to the Eskies for a late draft pick, essentially getting nothing for him. No "first meeting" with the coach, no apologizing to teammates, just jettision him like a load of garbage. All of a sudden he is thriving in Edmonton. Makes you wonder about the Lions' team culture.

Then Jamall Lee gets hurt and all we have left are an aging but able Jamal Robertson, Andrew Harris and kick returner Mike Brown, the latter too new to our playbook to hold down a running back spot and too small to be a reliable blocker. Eventually Lee will get healthy and we'll see if he can assume that bigger, more powerful inside runner. Sometimes it seems like Chapesdelaine doesn't really like to run the ball much; other times the hoggys haven't opened holes for Robertson. Same old issue of consistency.

Import powerbacks are a dime a dozen, given the football factory that is the U.S, but often they are too heavy to handle the 20-second play clock in Canada. And even if you find the right fit down south, which American do you take out of the offence or defence to get him a spot? And how far behind will he be with our "new" ofence?

You just have to look at the success Reynolds/Cornish have in Calgary, Wes Cates in Regina, guys like Fred Reid and Avon Cobourne, to realize the value of a solid CFL running game. Among other things it keeps the defence focussed on stopping the run and, in a league where quarterbacking is so critical, can prevent some of the big hits Lulay has already taken. It makes defenders play their position, get lumps from tackling big backs and prevents them from just pinning their ears back and rushing the passer. It tires out the big guys on defence, especially the tackles, opening up big holes inside as the game goes along. Sometimes with the Lions it seems like we can make 15 yard pass plays with more consistency than five yard runs. That has to do with blocking up front.

So far we have seen few, if any, toss plays, screens, misdirection, traps, counters or reverses. We just try to pound the ball into the A or B gaps and cut outside, then up. Go to a Lions practice and you'll see them running that thing over and over.

Include variety in your offence and you keep defenders off balance: its Football 101.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: