Powell and Peterson

Two players we have to find replacements for are Powell at right tackle and wide reciever Peterson.

Powell because he ws getting beat all night so linemen were in Jasons face all night.

Peterson ,because he doesn't seem to have that athletic ability to make the catch.
He's got size speed but jumps at the wrong time or just hasn't got it.

Peterson ,I agree just doesn't have it .

Warren Moon commented when the ball hit Peterson in the hands high that the recievers have to make big plays and bail out the QB when struggling.

Peterson looked very Yeastish on that play.

We so need a big go to reciever in the mid field range not deep as we can't handle that.

If Hill was playing today we would have won.

Peterson isn't it athleticly speaking,lots of heart ,good work ethic ,but he hasn't got it.

I have to agree about Powell.

The late Travis Claridge's performance against Montford in Hamilton's win over Edmonton last year was probably the most dominant game performance I have ever seen an OT put in in my 40 plus years of watching CFL football.

On the reverse side of the coin, Powell's peformance today was easily the worst I have ever seen an OT mail in. What a disgrace; waving lineman or LBs past him, and generally just standing around. Get rid of him already.

As for the other one, the continued employment of Kamau Incompleterson (credit Marty York) is a mystery to me, and always has been.

Peterson For Brazzell We’re still laughing…

The three obvious changes needed on the offence are Maas, Peterson, and Powell.
This isn't a "knock Maas" thread, I feel for the guy, but for some reason (injury, or whatever) he's just not able to throw downfield. His confidence is very low and it shows. He's overthrowing on many of the shorter curl routes and forcing in too many passes when players are covered. If he's hurting, it'd be best to sit him and allow him time to heal. He's certainly talented, but something is definitly bothering him. :cowboy:

just my two cents worth... :cowboy:

Could we possibly use Morreale more as an outlet receiver under the coverage so that Maas does'nt feel the need to force a pass downfield when his receivers are covered? I would be getting the ball to Morreale at least a half dozen more times per game.

In my opinion Peterson is in the top half for non-import receivers in the CFL.
If he was a import, he would not be on the team.

Powell just plain is not working out.

I've said all season long that the Cats should cut Peterson. Ralph should take his spot.

And the Cats should cut Powell immediately and replace him with the first good NFL cut at his position. Jonathan Brown took him to school for the second game in a row.

KP is not that bad But he should not be Starting..

Put Hill in as the Starter..

Yes ,I was laughing just now watching the 2nd part of the Banjo Bowl on TSN.

Glenn threw a pass right to Brazell's bread basket.

Brazell heard steps and dropped a perfect pass.. :lol:

So back at Ya!

With Peterson's poor play and this year's improvement albeit marginally; I am surprised he is getting as much playing time as he does.

I'm not sure what the coaches see in him. He has average hands at best and even below average on too many occasions. He is an educated man but it's not helping his pass catching abilities. Maybe he should read a book on how to catch. I don't think he should be starting. A fair back-up because he is Canadian but not a starter.

On the other side is Powell. This guy has been another bust for the majority of the year. He was a free agent from BC and BC didn't try to hard to resign him; they knew that he wasn't good enough be on the front lines.

I think Powell has been the bigger problem between him and Peterson. If your receiver is beat you have other people to throw the ball too. If your tackle gets beat your quarterback usually gets crunched.

The offensive line has been a real problem this year, second only to Maas' poor play. The last couple games the O-line has been better under the tutelage of Coach Salavantis but Powell is still the weakest link

Powell is just too Slow
He need to be Released..