Powder Blue Boys

We might be 0 & 4, but at least our guys aren't running around like a bunch of sissies in powder blue uniforms.

I likem. Our mustard ones are far worse

I think both look cool but our Yellow(Gold?) with the black and BLOOD red outline! are far better looking than the baby blue.

I like those jersey's.

Hopefully we'll burn our banana jerseys, and all the video footage of the games we wore them in.

I was thinking they were more baby blue. In fact I think I am going to stop calling them the “blue team” and start calling them the “baby blue team”.

LOL.... MY thoughts exactly.. man they are awful, Rita's wife pick the scheme?????

WOW other teams DO get BS penalties called against them, MTL just got flagged for pass interence, nullifying an INT when the receiver was NOT even touched.... BRUTAL REFFING continues!!!!

Even funnier, that ref made 2 bad calls at once by blowing the play dead without realizing it had been intercepted.

Gotta cover up the 1st mistake!

I didn't notice exactly when he threw the flag. Was is after the ball was caught?



You'd think our refs would think twice about betting on games right now, maybe they should wait for this NBA crap to die down first lol.