POW picks, panel finally gets it right.

Maybe all the complaining worked, maybe it's just coincidence. Nice to see that the selection panel finally clued in that a Canadian is allowed to win the Offensive award and the Canadian award. :thup: :cowboy:

Agreed. :thup:

Chief must be annoyed..
Anyways, good to see them proper, logical picks for player of the week.
Andrew Harris had a tremendous game, but kudos to John Cornish.

A Canadian won the offensive player award because he was the best offensive player this week. This doesn't happen on most weeks because there aren't enough good Canadian players on offense outside of O-linemen. There is exactly one Canadian receiver in the top 10, and two Canadian running backs in the top 10. Seriously, get over this inferiority complex.

Seriously, if is an inferiority complex to believe that Canadians deserve recognition when they deserve it, I guess I am guilty. The suggestion is that Canadians get overlooked for the more prestigeous Offensive POW, because they have their own award and selectors like to spread these things around. It is my opinion that this is wrong and that Canadian Players should get that award when they deserve it. It is also my opinion that 2 weeks ago, not one but two Canadians put in superior performances to the import who received the award. I am sorry if expressing ones beliefs is an inferiority complex to you. I you don't want opinions, I suggest you are roaming the wrong sites.

Prove it. Back up your rhetoric with actual numbers to tell me that Canadians are being unfairly passed over for weekly awards. What's that? You can't, because you have no argument? Okay then.

To me, it's the opposite. We have a token Canadian of the Week award that quite frequently is won by a Canadian whose performance is mediocre at best, or whose numbers don't measure up to his import counterparts. Eliminate that token award and then see how frequently Canadians win.

What is it about simple numbers that so many don't understand? The U.S. has a population of over 350 million and pours millions upon millions of dollars into college football, which is like a religion south of the border. We have a population of 35 million and don't spend very much money, comparatively on our football programs, which only have cult followings across the country. So obviously we're not going to be able to churn out as many quality football players as the US. It's no shame on us, but jeez, let's stop pretending we're on par. It's simply not true.

An undeserving person already won OPOW this year when a Canadian was passed over. In fact we've already had this exact discussion.

What is it about opinion that you fail to comprehend. Messam runs for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns. A supurb game for any runniing back. Getzlaf gets 170 yards receiving and 1 touchdown again a supurb game for a receiver. Both Canadians.

Yet somehow the selectors choose Pierce who had just a good game throwing for 312 yds. Put the arguements of it being a gutsy performance where the sun don't shine, he did not deserve the POW, either of the other 2 both Canadians would have been a far better pick.

Now how about an intelligent comeback, what's that, you haven't got one? Okay then.

Now whether or not we should throw out the top Canadian would be another topic but when a Canadian shines, it should be recognized.

Completely subjective, with no way to prove that Canadians got screwed over. You honestly think the league would go out of its way to hose Canadian talent? Please. And Tridus, one case means nothing. You have to prove a pattern and you can’t. For every case of a Canadian player not getting an award, there are many more of a Canadian only receiving an award because there’s a token Canadian award every week and someone has to get the nod even if he’s not particularly deserving.

VoR, when you have an opinion that isn’t based on ridiculous conspiracy theory, I’ll listen to you. Not before then.

And you can't prove that there isn't. Welcome to the exciting world of talking about entirely subjective things. :slight_smile:

No matter how you slice it up though, this weeks awards are good picks.

It is a completely subjective arguement, as is yours. If you honestly believe that Buck Pierce deserved to get the Offensive POW over either Messam or Getzlaf on that particular week, you are entitled to that opinion, however wrong it may be. I tend to think that the selectors made a mistake and I am entitled to that opinion, however wrong it may be. That's the thing, opinions are like ***holes, everybody has one.

My only comment is that, if a Canadian deserves an award they should get that award. Thankfully they didn't have that kind of attitude in Russ Jacksons day.

Canadians don't get screwed over.

It's all about s curves and population sizes. This is statistical talk.

When half your roster must be chosen from a talent pool that is 20 or 30 or 50 times smaller than the pool that fills the other half, naturally you're going to have to dip to a lower percentile of talent to fill the roster. That is all.

A player in the 90th percentile of talent in the NI pool is probably about equal in talent to a player in the 90th percentile of the IMP pool. Likewise in the 60th.

But when the amount of the players in the IMP pool from 90th percentile up is larger than the ENTIRE NI pool, then your entire IMP half of your roster is going to be highly trained and talented, compared to a small handful on the NI half of your roster.

If you pick 20 players from the IMP pool and the 20th guy you take is say in the 80th percentile of talent from that pool, then you pick 20 players from the NI pool, the 20th player you take is probably in the 50th percentile of the pool just because there's not enough NIs left, of course the IMPs are going to be the vast majority of your starters.

Import players get most of their development in the NCAA. Non-imports get as much or more of their development as STers and backups in the CFL.

We see this all the time. Veteran starting NIs are usually all stars just as big as their import counterparts.

It's not that Canadians are inferior, there are just faaaar less of them to choose from. There is no conspiracy. It's just math due to the vast differences in population and the extremely vast differences in the business of college football between Canada and the US. Both of those factors are far beyond the control of the CFL.

Thanks for the physics lesson. Now let me rephrase, "do you honestly feel that Buck Pierce deserved to receive the Offensive POW a couple of weeks ago, when both Jerome Messam and Chris Getzlaf put in superior performances." Do you also feel, as the panel seem to feel that being gutsy should have any bearing on who wins the award, as this seems to be the gist of why Pierce was selected.

Thanks for the condecension. And btw I wasn't talking to you only. There are many many people with an NI chip on their shoulder out there not necessarily yourself. Now let me answer.

Yes, Pierce was worthy of the award. Both Messam and Getzlaf were also worthy. It's a subjective judgment call as to who should actually win. Just like you say, it's all subjective. I would also suggest that Pierce's numbers were more than just average. But having said that, if you say it's subjuective (your own words) then why are the statlines so important? There's more to football than stats. Why doesn't Koch get PotW for blocking for Messam? I could also ask why should Cornish get PotW when he was barely touched? And I have no problem with Cornish getting the award, but just like you say, it's all subjective.

If you watch the games and see who played well, Pierce played very well and was just as worthy as Messam or Getzlaf. I am happy with the selection. Very much so, yes.

And I feel that Pierce had a very ordinary game for a quarterback, but he was gutsy so he gets and award. I guess they should change it to the Gutsy Player of the Week Award.

IMHO the panel made the wrong pick that day, made great picks this week.