POW choices

As I did with the Power Rankings, I am going to get my choices for POW in ahead of the CFL's picks.

Offensive - Adarius Bowman, scored the hat trick, should be a fairly easy pick.
Defensive - Almondo Sewell, Eskimos have been shut out of the POW's so far, deserve 2 this week.
Canadian - Andrew Harris, slam dunk.
Special Teams - Sean White, great in a losing cause.

I can't see how the voters ignore Mitchell for offensive POW, and IMO there is no chance Whyte beats out Sanders for ST.

Mitchell had 4 TD passes but only 267 yards against a week defence, and what did Sanders do? Are you possibly meaning Larry Taylor, he would be my second choice for ST.

You must be thinking of someone else, because Larry Taylor (and the return game in general) was a non-entity in the Als game.

Jock Sanders ran a missed field goal back something like 121 yards to set up a 10-point swing in the Toronto-Calgary game. That kind of play gets rewarded.

As for Mitchell throwing for "only" 267 yards against a "weak defence," that same defence (mostly) held Sask in check the previous week, and four TDs matter more than yardage totals. I will be very surprised if Bowman beats out Mitchell for OPOW.

Sorry brain phart, yes Sanders does deserve the ST award, was looking at the stats and they didn't show his run in the stats page. As for Mitchell, good game but Bowman deserves the award, maybe the 1-2 Riders aren't firing on all cylinders yet.

How are those two thoughts related?

I said the Argoes had a weak defence, you said they help Riders in check, I guess I am saying that so far holding Riders in check isn't a great barometer.

All in all, pretty good choices, I don't mind Harris being picked for the offensive POW, as said, I would have gone with Bowman but Harris is a good pick.

Since offensive player is not always won by an international, there should be an international player of the week as well as national.

I respectfully disagree, the awards are watered down enough already. This isn't Timbits where everyone gets a medal just for participation.

well then, lets go the other way and not have a Canadian player of the week. Let the Canadians compete with the internationals for the rest of the categories.