Pourquoi que le forum est juste en anglais?

Il y a une équipe de la CFL au Québec, une province francophone, et le Canada est supposé être un pays bilingue, où sont les sections en français?

o.k. so I’ll admit my control of the french language is pretty shaky at best, but what I think nick is saying here is “the CFL is in Quebec, Quebec is primarily a french speaking province, Canada is offically bilingual, so why isn’t there a french section”, am I correct?

If so, where’s the Love nick? You free to speak whatever language you want to in here, why do you need a separate section? (I won’t even get into the political overtones attached to that one, I’ll be branded a western oil-grabin conservative redneck for sure…)

ok, c’est correct, j’vas continuer à parler français. :slight_smile: Je pensais à faire des sections séparées comme dans ce forum: http://www.canadiens.com/forum/fre/ :smiley:

You translated perfectly and expressed my opinion as well. As far as I am concerned anyone can post in any language they want but if no-one understands you, dont expect any replys

Je crois que si tu veux parlé le francais tu devrais juste le parllé, Il ne pas te fair areté

If he wants to talk french, I think he should just talk french

i agree… by the way how do you do the accent grave(think thats spelled wrong) over the “a”?.. actually how do you do all the accents… i can do “é” but that’s it

have nuber lock on
hold alt and press(on the nuber pad)

Hell yes, Eskimo32001 talks in freaking Elfish

There will be a french CFL.ca (or LCF.ca - take your pick) shortly.


There you go Nick, ask and ye shall receive…

That’s right, RW posts in giberrish most of the time and for the most part people understand enough to reply.

Et Nick, il y en a plusieurs des mecs ici qui comprend et peut te repondre en francais donc allez y.