Pour rire un bon coup : l'équipe toute étoile des Alouettes!

Le 'Ournal a composé l'équipe toute étoile des Alouettes depuis leur retour à Montréal en 1996.

Si vous voulez rire un bon coup et la preuve que le ridicule ne tue pas, allez voir sélection songée qu'a concoctée Vincent Duquette. Bien des choix sont éclairés, mais d'autres sont d'un comique désolant.


Wow. Bruno, Pierre et Steve doivent se sentir tres mal a l'aise en lisant ca.

Karikari lolol. :lol: :lol: :lol:

At least he had one all star nomination. Steve didn't suit up for ONE game :oops:

I know, it's ridiculous. Charbonneau and Heppell were good team players, but all-time Als? That's embarrassing to them and to the franchise. Having said that, I'm hard-pressed to think of who would replace them on the list. For FB, Kerry Carter? For DT, maybe Adriano Belli or Keron Williams? We haven't really had all-star talent at those positions...

In the new era, Michael Soles is likely the best pure FB (OK maybe the only full time FB in that time.
At DT how about Doug Peterson, Keron Williams or Adriano Belli.

Nothing surprises me from Montreal French papers.

Karikari Happened to be in a great ( lucky?) spot to intercept quite a number of interceptions. Without those interceptions, his play regressed and, he was around the CFL for a couple more years but, he certainly was not an all star. Heppell, Steve and Pierre gave good play but ? One player who had great returner potential was Keith Stikes but, I'd strike him off the list because his fumbles were a huge factor in one Grey Cup loss with diminishing play afterwards. Going down the list, I paused at Kevin Johnson's name. He was huge at linebacker, along with Strickland. They were a great duo. On the whole, this list was formidable.

Yep, I had thought of Williams and Belli but forgotten Peterson. Michael Soles probably makes that list by default. I am also surprised that Avon Cobourne didn't make the cut. A key part of our B2B Grey Cup wins.

Histoire de soulager vos angoisses : Cobourne au lieu de Pringle? Vraiment? :wink:

Oh no! I meant as the other running back. Realistically, you can't just have one running back to the all-star team, right?

Well if your a Duquette you can write anything

If you want a good homegrown safety choice, why not Mathieu Proulx? Very good player who anchored our defensive backfield, smart and cerebral, and was part of our 09-10 Grey Cup team.