pound for pound #1 is the cfl's #1

just need to make my point. pound for pound charles roberts is the best and toughest rb and possibly even player in the cfl. he stands 5'6" and weighs 186 Lbs. yet he has started in even game since signing with the big blue, and always tops top 3 in the cfl rushing yards chart. he gets punished every game like the suplex last week in mtl.

what is everyone elses belief here

Hard to argue with that. In terms of running backs Roberts is the cream of the crop.

Receivers I'd take Geroy anyday of the week despite the lack of attention he's been getting this season.

easily the best CFL player right now, and should win the MOP award.

Sir Charles is phenomenal.

My money's on Ben Cahoon, though, if we're talking pound for pound. He gets his work in no matter what, with or without the ball.

hmmm...sounds like, how charlie has to block....hmmm

I agree that Roberts is a phenom but the way Cahoon can concentrate to catch and hold onto the ball even though he knows he will be getting creamed a split second later makes him the best imho.