POTW selection are a joke again

Hunt deserved the award more than anybody else this week. None of the defences overall played particularly well, but Player of the week is an individual award, it shouldn’t mattered if your team lost or tied or won.

....um, ok, so why the rant then?....

I believe he rants for the sake of ranting.

It's important to help balance the forums out if you've got everyone doing their part, the raving mad ranter has his place.

...lol, how true...

Some drink from the fountain of knowledge; he only gargled

That was a fountain!?

Oh snaps! I'd refrain from drinking from there for a while.

Really the POTW awards are pretty meaningless if you ask me. The thing you need to look at is how your team performs in November, and with any luck, they will be playing come the last week of that month.

...exactly, the POTW award is about as meaningful as the Power Rankings....they are only media hilites to spice up the slow days between games....although it is nice to see players on your team recognized in the long run they do not mean much....

Is there a monetary prize or something for being named POTW? If not, I would rather get Glen's Gladiator for the watch!

wait, are you insulting your Eskimos, or the Riders?

I could give him the Dwarf tossing awarded,

oops I mean helmet toss award..... :wink: :wink:

Exactly, but I'm sure Mikey will find a way to blame Tillman for the lack of Rider POTW awards.... :roll: :roll:

After 8 weeks in which the West has played 8 games and the East only 7, the Roughriders have the fewest players of the week with 3 selections. They have THE BEST record and even Hamilton has won the awards 5 times with only 1 victory. Rogres, get some qualified Westerners to do those picks as you are absolurely biased with those picks. Only 1 team won in week 2 yet the teams with no wins had all the awards. Do I smell Kent Austin HATRED?

The Riders have the best record, but if you were watching them earn those wins, you would have also noticed that no players really stood out among the rest; rather, they play as one unit, as they should. I didn't feel ANY Rider deserved the nod for a POTW recently (aside from Reggie Hunt a couple weeks back), and certainly no one deserved it last week.....

This has nothing to do with Austin. Why can't people quit whining about this stuff?

If you rank the players out of 10 and one team has 40 players ranked 8 and 9 while another has 2 players ranked 10 and the rest 2 or 3, which one will win the games?
Which one will win the POTW awards?
Be happy for your 1st place team and stop whining

A Saskatchewan is Whine Country! Sorry had to say that!

I'm saying the Eskimos couldn't run the ball if the defences parted like the Red Sea. :wink:

You got that right for now. But really your primary running back is on the shelf is he not. Should trade for Cates. Arius does not like Cates! Coach Arius trade Cates will you.

I'll stick with a healthy Ebell for now.

My first reaction when I saw the POTW awardds for last week was "was there only one game last week?" But very quickly it changed to what some have posted "there really is no 'I' in TEAM". It really is a credit to the team that they can be in first place and have very few individual awards. Coaches lose sleep and get grey hair trying to instill that attitude of selflessness all over the world in every team sport. Then when we have one, someone complains that there are no standout individuals. Take it as an honour, not a slight, okay Mike my friend.

Speaking of Mikey, cheeze whiz, I really hope that fans of other teams don't think that he is representative of all, or even most, or even very many Sask fans. Some of his posts, including this one, don't make for a very positive ambassador for the team. Well, without generalizing and for the record, he sure don't speak for me! I prefer to let the team do that.