POTW selection are a joke again

While I can appreciate the fact that there were only two games this weekend and therefore the number of potential players of week is limited. But come on, how can they legitimately pick A Hunt, the BC defense gave up a career game to Burris and he is selected.

While the sacks were limited in the Edmonton game, there are a number of players that had good games. Including Schultz, J. Johnson, and not to mention M. Lloyd was all over the field.

Your thoughts....

Hunt had six tackles and two sacks, and caught my attention. He deserves it. Quit whining.

Mike, I would look at our victory last Saturday as a team effort, no individuals for us stood out, but the team as a whole rallied to come from behind to win. The fact that we didnt get any POTW awards is no biggie.

With all due respect, he played in a game that the opposing quarterback had a career type of game. His defensive line gave up 132 yards running.

Our defensive line not only held steady but held Edmonton to 32 yards rushing, which is just over half of our yearly average of 57 years per game. There is more to POTW then 2 sacks.

You guys held Edmonton to only 32 yards rushing? Because Edmonton has the best running game in the league, right? :expressionless:

Why does this thread not suprise me?

Before this game you were averaging 69 yards game. So while not leading the league, we definitely shut it down even more.

Before this game Edmonton was only 240 yards behing Winnipeg. The team with the leading rusher in the league. You may not have top 10 rusher on your team. But to get shut down by more then half your average production makes it all that more of an impressive stat.

Aaron Hunt had a great game, suck it up.

POTW awards are also individual awards, not team awards. IMO, Hunt earned this weeks award based on his individual accomplishments.

This thread is about respect being given to Riders by those who are selecting the POTW. Saskatchewan leads the league or is at the top of league in a number of both offensive and defensive categories. We beat every team we have played, and yet the press and others still don't recognize how good this team really is.

If you look at the POTW awards how many of the awards went to teams with losing records. Here is a summary of the award for the year.

Edmonton Eskimos 1
Calgary Stampeders 3
Saskatchewan Roughriders 3
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 4
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 5
Montreal Alouettes 5
Toronto Argonauts 5
British Columbia Lions 6

Lets break Edmonton's rushing game down, shall we, Mike?

Game 1: 116 yards (w/ Ebell)
Game 2: 30 yards (w/ Ebell) - Played B.C.
Game 3: 83 yards
Game 4: 28 yards
Game 5: 29 yards
Game 6: 110 yards (w/ Ebell)
Game 7: 37 yards
Game 8: 32 yards

Our ofference has managed less than 50 yards in 5 of our 8 contests, and you want to give Saskatchewan credit? Spare me.

I'll admit Saskatchewan played a good game (scored 12 unanswered points to win), but they did not shut down our running game. You can't shut down something that doesn't friggin' exist! :roll:

Oh I dont know... Perhaps becaise its Mike!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

As a great man told me before enough to make your glass eye water (Arius).

This may not belong in this particular topic, but I think it is cool that Saskatchewan has one of the top 3 defences, but rarely gets POTW. To me, this means we have a very balanced, and all around solid defence with no one or two individuals that stand out.

You know what? I should be the one whining! AJ Gass had 6 tackles and a sack. Where the hell is his award?

Totally seconded.

Hey I am not arguing that you haven't had a good running game to date. 4 of your the 5 games you mentioned were against two of top three defenses in league. These also happen to be your four worst running games to date.

Game 1: 116 yards against Winnipeg
Game 2: 30 yards against B.C.
Game 3: 83 yards against Winnipeg
Game 4: 28 yards against Sask
Game 5: 29 yards against Sask
Game 6: 110 yards against Calgary
Game 7: 37 yards against Hamilton
Game 8: 32 yards against Sask

The point of this post wasn't just about just stopping the Edmonton running game, which were able to do three times this year. Sask has also held Smith to 55 yards or less twice and Reynolds to what 37 yards.

The point was that Sask is getting the recognition it should in the POTW awards.

Not to worry, AJ will be getting his award (Suspension) before his next game.

Wow, this thread has homer written all over it.

Which of the riders had a better individual effort than Hunt this week? The award is for this last week only. The award is for an individual effort only. Hunt had an excellent game. He is not responsible for the performance of the entire D. He more than did his part, and had a better game on D than any other that week.

How does a teams total D performance or how they have been solid all season so far have any bearing on an individual award?

Got homer?

In all honesty, Mike, the only reason Saskatchewan has been able to hold Edmonton to under 50 yards rushing three times this season is because we've played you guys three times this season. I guarantee you it won't be the last time it happens. And even if you guys did shut down our running game, Jyles was still able to rush for 2 TDs.

But running game aside, what did you guys do to shut us down in the air? Nothing. Ray threw for 361 yards, a touchdown, and no picks.

Maybe Johnson did have a good game with 6 tackles and a forced fumble... but so did Gass with 6 tackles and a sack. And what about Flowers? He had 6 tackles also.

Who cares about these weekly awards? Be happy that your team is 6-2 right now and not 3-4-1... or even worse, 1-6.