Pottinger, Beswick retirements

I have never understood why players wait until just before training camp opens to retire.

Can someone shed some light on this process?
Why wait until now?

3 main reasons:

  • They are told they are bubble due to a new young player, so they would rather retire more appealingly on their own terms.
  • It is a grueling game, even if you are not a regular starter. You tell yourself you are ready. You take a few weeks off to just let your body rest, then you hit the gym, then you do more cardio. Come the last few weeks before camp you are pushing yourself to pretty extreme levels, and that is the first true sign you generally get of where your body is at. Perhaps aches from last year don't entirely dissipate...perhaps you are simply not comfortable with how you are progressing into camp shape...perhaps the workouts are just too much now...perhaps you put a few of these together and simply decide it is time to take another offer and save your body.
  • You have been torn on the decision and simply push it as long as you can, then decide closer to camp when you get a better idea of where your mind, body and soul is at.

Don't forget, just because players do this it doesn't mean that none of them make their coach aware of the pondering ahead of time.

Yes, you are right and it's better than retiring during the season after training camp when your team has let go players competing for your job. I imagine that these two looked at the competition in the training camp this year and said "some good players this year, now it's a good time to retire"