I have been quiet for the last few months during this overhaul of our team and I'm not completely against the moves being made....but I do have one question:

Why do we always trade talented, experienced players for players with "potential"?

Every trade we make involves established CFL players heading out and young, "let's see what this guy can do" type players coming in.

I'm just curious why when we trade a guy like Jason Goss we don't get anything in return that will help us out right away. Sure, we get a "potentially" good receiver, a "potentially" good QB, and a draft pick that could "potentially" turn out to be good. But seriously, how in the world can Desjardins make a comment like, "We're thrilled to be able to make these additions without removing anyone from our existing active roster, making our football club much stronger today than it was yesterday."

The fact is that it doesn't make the football club stronger right now.....it "potenitally" makes the team stronger. Regardless of what these guys have done elsewhere, they haven't done anything in the CFL on a regular basis.

I'm not just talking about this trade.....but all of the trades we've made over the last few years.

How many of the "potentially" good players that we've received in these trades have actually turned out? Tay Cody.....that's about it. (And yes, I'm aware of Brock Ralph......and IMO, he can "potentially" turn into a solid player.....but he wasn't when we got him and he isn't yet....Maybe when he is, we'll trade him for some "potential".)

I'm sick of hearing about the salary cap....I'm sick of seeing all of our good players like D.J. Flick being shipped out of town....and I'm sick of losing.

I have reluctantly renewed my season tickets for this season and I "potenially" won't be renewing them after watching this side-show of a team that it looks like we're going to have. I can't remember the last time our roster looked so bad.

I AGREE 150% on what you are saying but we must be
members of the minority!!! What can we do????
Just grin and bear it!

I hear you...somewhat. My approach is giving another take on this on April 1. Until the full FA agenda and draft direction of Desjardins and Co. is made clear to me, then I will remain in a semi-mystified state as I am on Valentines Day.

Given the state of the East as it stands right now, I am more hopeful of a return to respectabilty than I was as the 2004 Marshall-era Koolaid was on offer. I look to the Als being in flux with a rapidly-aging offense in key areas and the Argos in current reload with...Mike McMahon? Can you say "Jimmy Kemp Revival?"

In a coach-off between Popp and Taaffe, my money's on Charlie. No slight on Popp, just calling it as I see it. Pinball and Charlie? I like our odds a heck of a lot better coaching-wise than I have since say 2001. Same with Berry.

[My read on that is come 2002, the R.D. Lancaster offensive roadshow was quickly becoming a one-trick pony given the sad state of the team's recruiting side as the finances of the team rapidly began to kaput. Whatever coaching resources re experience and guile were at Ron Sr. and Sudsy's disposal were not able to fill that breach. I don't knock R.D. at all for helping us bring the Cup home in 1999 with his system, but the shotgun draw follies had a definite shelf life and the record proves it.]

One last point here re coaching: there will be no on-the-job training service for this Cat coaching staff. That in itself makes me more optimistic with a surface analysis. If it has any resemblance to the Taaffe days in Montreal, expect a strong program to begin taking shape post haste. That means a discernable improvement in coaching strategy and player education in all three phases in the game.

Winnipeg has the horses to win the East if Glenn can reach that next level, but that is an open question, isn't it?

We aren't in the West, mercifully. So rebuilding can mean 8 wins if some semblance of an offensive attack can return to IWS and we catch some breaks. That is best case on Valentines Day. Give me some signs of a revitalized pass rush and an offensive line with some teeth come April 1 and I could be willing to dream a third-place playoff spot.

My gut is 30-70 we make the playoffs as the state of the East is right at the time of writing. I like our QB depth MORE THAN THE ARGOS THIS MINUTE. True. :slight_smile:) :slight_smile:) :slight_smile:)

If they get any CFL-ready starter in the next couple of weeks, then a competitive fourth spot is more likely. This being the CFL though...

Let the FA sweeps begin! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree with you about the coaching staff. I think we finally have something solid in place.

Do you know why? Because we don’t have a “potentially” good coach at this level like Marshall was…we have a solid, experienced coach that has done it before.

Either way, it’s the players on the field that have to execute the game plan. We are very limited in what we can do with our current roster.

I AGREE 150%
no you dont


lol i uno wut that was for ha

The obvious answer to the initial question is simple...all those talented experienced players played on teams that collectively were among the worst in the history of the franchise. With the acknowledgement that we now have a coaching staff that can assess talent, we need to give them time to do that. And all that "potential" is where the future of this team lies.

I'm getting sick of all the people on here judging because we are bring in "potential" guys. Just because you haven'tt "heard" of a guy or a guy hasn't torn up the CFL before doesn't mean he isn't any good.

Everyone thought Tay Cody was just an Edmonton Eskimo PR cast off. Lat I checked he was an all star and our candidate for MOP. (Not that it says a ton to the latter on our team last year)

Truth is until a game is played with a full roster of players who have competed through camp and won starting positions are any of us in a position to judge. Good teams don;t build through the draft. Everyone though Montreal was dismantling and last year was going to be a horrible year for them. Well it wasn't a typical Montreal dominant regular season blowing people out but they got the job done.

If you say you are happy with the coach we have give him the benefit of the doubt. He's got as much say in the final decision for who will be on this team s Desjardins does. It's the way successful teams run. Put some faith in the scouting dept. and wiat to see how the beginning of the season pans out.

Bingo! :thup:

They put the talent on the field and we either come to see it or we don't!

Obviously if it is good talent and produces a winning team then we are happier and more people will come out! This no diferent than any entertainment!

We will just have to wait and see!

say what??

anyhow, No he doesnt, so there :slight_smile:

Are you aware that Brock Ralph had 3 thouch downs last year? May not sound like a lot but fot his team it was!!

Good people makes good business! There were some players that have left who just were not doing the job! Who knows, This shakeup could help us alot in the chemistry dept.Wait and see

re-Do you know why? Because we don't have a "potentially" good coach at this level like Marshall was ? the Marshall who won coach of the year, ?

The last time I checked, Jim "The net detective" Carey won the vezina too. Does that make him a good goaltender or was it a fluke?

Anyways, I said Marshall was a "potentially" good coach when he was brought in. He won coach of the year for taking over a brutal team and making the playoffs in his first season. He had some learning curves here and now he's gone. If he ever gets another CFL job, he will have some experience to take to his new team.

Over my years, I have never seen a less diciplined bunch of individuals that were called the Hamilton Tiger Cats then when Marshall was the head coach. So yes, I'm talking about the same "coach of the year" that you are.

I'm not talking about all of the players that have been shipped out, but how can you say that D.J. Flick or Wayne Smith were the problem on those brutal teams?

If anything, you should ship out the dead weight....not your best offensive lineman and your best receiver.

Now I'm not against making changes, but why don't we get anything in return for these guys? Rocky Butler "might" be a good QB. But isn't the price we paid for him a little iffy considering he "might" do absolutely nothing?

I'm just curious why we don't get any surefire players in return when we make these trades. And I'm not just talking about one specific trade.

Take this into consideration: Al Bundy had 4 td's in ONE game!

All joking aside, I like Raplh and I agree he has "potential".....but 3 TD's regardless of what team you're playing on isn't anything to write home about when you're playing in the CFL. (A passing league)

Did I say that any of these guys weren't any good? I just don't think I like to gamble on "potential" as much as our new GM.

Sure, some of these guys could come in and be the next Tay Cody.....but chances are they will come in and be the next Tony Atkins.

I agree again to your comments.
Potential QB,potential WR,potential offensive line,
potential defensive line,= potential winning team
in a few years -potentially?
how about keeping the flick's,goss's,smith's and
add some potential???? :thup: