Potential travel issues

With the federal government planning on making vaccinations mandatory for domestic flights and inter-provincial rail travel, the CFLPA warned their members that " There will be limitations and potential for pay loss scenarios for players, as teams may be in the position to lawfully withhold paycheques or terminate contracts if a player can not accompany the team because vaccines are required for travel."

With the Elks having ELEVEN positive tests now (on a team below the 85% threshold) there could be an entire team that will lose their game check due to a few selfish people. At first, I thought this was the expected CFLPA fear-mongoring about the BOG, but I took a break and now realize that this is the PA's way of telling their players to get their A$$es vaccinated.


How do you know these 11 weren’t vaccinated? Read the article in the Opinion section of the Toronto Sun. People need to educate themselves.

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Where did I say they were all unvaccinated? Here's a relevant article: Two more Edmonton Elks test positive for COVID-19, bringing total to eleven | 3DownNation
And this one states that it's a mix of vaccination statuses: Nine Edmonton Elks players have now tested positive for COVID-19 | 3DownNation
And, yet again, people (especially those of a certain bent) can't get their heads around the fact that POLITICS IS NOT WELCOME ON THIS SITE!!!

Yet another pretentious yahoo that I will avoid like the plague...

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Well your intro post was rather accusatory and blaming non-vaxed players ...

Were the 'few selfish people' vaccinated?

If they would have gotten their 'a$$es vaccinated' would it have changed things?

Regarding the fact that even the staunchest supporters of the vaccination readily admit that it does not work 100%, if the answers to these two questions is yes, then you are indeed saying that the blame is on non-vaxed players, and if the answer is anything other than yes then you are backtracking.

In any event YOU are being political. :wink: YOU brought up the topic and YOU have to expect that someone just might rebut you. If you don't like that idea then you shouldn't start the conversation. :wink:


I brought up the article because it has the potential of causing yet another rift between the CFLPA and the BOG. However, if the travel REQUIREMENTS are enacted, then there will have to be consequences for those who make the, IMHO, ridiculous decision of refusing a simple medical procedure that could save your life. That decision could lose you your paycheque if you cannot travel with the team, and if your team has to frofiet a game and they are under the 85% vaccionation threshold, then EVERY OTHER PLAYER on that team will lose their paycheque too.

OF COURSE the vaccines are not 100%, we are not omnipotent yet. They are also not a force-field. They WILL prevent you from dying from an infection.
And if you are incapable of reading and comprehending, I will state it AGAIN: the article on 3DN stated that there was a mix of vaccination statuses.
If the upcoming (potential) travel requirements were in effect today, I doube that the Elks would be able to field the minimum 36-player team outside of Alberta. That goes for ANY other team below that 85% threshold.
Please spread you misinformation on other sites. I find it incredibly unwelcome here.

What misinformation was spread and by whom?

Don't all the teams charter flights? I doubt the restrictions on travel will effect chartered flights. Hard to mandate vaccination to protect the general public on a private flight.

Don’t bother with doctor dumb dumb. You can’t debate someone with a closed mind. Vaccinated people are also dying of Covid. Like I told him, there is a great article in the Toronto Sun under the opinion section.

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Why's that, because YOU wrote it? Whoever did is living in a reality that doesn't describe this one. Perhaps you should emigrate to Alabama, where they had to mobilize the National Guard to help in the hospitals that are averwhelmed with unvaccinated COVID patients. There are literally no free ICU beds in that state, and Florida is close behind.

I tend to follow the people who have spent their ENTIRE LIVES "educating themselves" in ways to prevent the spread of deadly epidemics, and not those who's idology blinds them to actual proven and verified facts and science, and have "educated themselves" using sites that condone the injection of bleach to combat COVID.
You have eight times the possibility of being infected than a fully-vaccinated person. You have a vastly higher potential of becoming gravely sick and dying than a fully-vaccinated person. You have a much higher possibility of chronic, severe, complications than a fully-vaccinated person.

You only have yourself to blame if you don't get vaccinated and you get sick. I know health care workers who are so fed up with unvacciated people showing up in the ERs and ICUs with COVID that I'm surprised they are still working.
Over 80% of the eligible population of Canada has their first dose, and 64% are fully-vaccinated. At some point, the minority of people in this country who still refuse the shot are going to be the cause of the majority of our continuing problems.


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It's supposed to be 'all federally-regulated travel.' I would tend to believe all flights are federally-regulated except somebody taking his own Piper Cub for a joy ride. But I honestly don't know for sure.

Don't worry its more fake / click bait junk news

Vax passport is intended for international not domestic travel
Different provinces do not share health info (and probably never will)

As well most places will let you simply take a test if you do not wish to be vaxxed

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The federal Liberals said just last week that passengers on airlines or trains travelling within Canada will have to be fully vaccinated or have a negative covid test result to board. This is to start in October.
Warning - Somewhat political statement coming:
They could lose in September.

It is an either / or scenario

If no vax then a test
That was my point (some people think the unvaxxed will not be allowed to fly or something)

Canadian citizens returning from overseas or the US don't need proof of vaccination just the accepted covid neg test.

Americans entering Canada need proof of vaccination plus the neg covid test. Starting Sep 7th all other foreigners can enter with proof of the vaccination and a neg covid test.

Incorrect. My daughter just arrived home from Northern Ireland. You require both a negative covid PCR test and proof of vaccination which is now part of the ArriveCan app that is mandatory for all overseas passengers returning to Canada.

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So, do you think these new regulations will impact the CFL?

Three people flying home into B.C. from the U.S. arrived and had used the wrong covid test. The CBSA charged each of them $5700.00 for not having a negative PCR test. Overkill to say the least...

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Yet, the regulations are posted by the government, so I fail to see the issue?
Get the correct test in the first place, and they would have been okay.
Unfortunately, this is probably going to be the added costs of travelling in the future, IMHO.

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