Potential #Ticats roster moves ahead of game vs. #Eskimos

From Drew


- there looks to be a change in the defensive secondary, with Bo Smith taking over from Jerome Dennis at the wide side halfback spot. This is somewhat of a surprise given Dennis' veteran status. Looks to me as if Dennis is coming off the 42-man game day roster completely and Terrence Lee will continue as the extra DB.

- Justin Medlock hit from 57 in warm up and hit the crossbar from 62. He does things like this routinely: it's like watching a slugger take batting practice. He's got the strongest kicking leg I've ever seen.

Why Dennis? You would think Carlos Thomas or Terrance Lee would be the odd man out.

IMO Thomas is a better cover guy than Dennis, but I agree Dennis should get a roster spot over T-Lee no doubt, but T-Lee also saw some reps with the first team D at safety in walk through today, I trust Chamblin knows what he is doing

I saw that you pointed out that it looked like Smith was taking Dennis' place on your blog: http://eatemraw.blogspot.com/2011/07/pr ... 60711.html

And I found that surprising. I can't say I understand why that Smith is taking the place of Dennis. I find that when the secondary gets criticized, the name of Jerome Dennis name does not usually come up. Smith, on the other hand...

Chamblin has made some interesting decisions. But as he was the DB coach in Calgary, I also trust that he knows what he's doing.

Drew also said that Williams will almost certainly be taking the injured Kelly's place. Our shortest receiver takes the place of our tallest one. But we may see more of Thigpen on offence, as I'm sure Williams will also be used on returns.

in practice it appeared Bo Smith would most defiantly be the starter on Saturday but the depth chart tells a different story, Dennis is starting along with Thomas, Smith is a backup

Dennis was playing with the scout defense the last two days, very interesting :?