Potential sale of the B.C Lions

From the twittervese:

CFL News ?@CFL_News 18m
RT .@News1130Sports: Braley has talked to more than 1 potential investor in the Lions who was not scared by $60M price. #CFL #BCLions

CFL News ?@CFL_News 2h
David Braley has #Argos & #BCLions up for sale. Argos asking price: $20 million. Lions price: $60 million via @simmonssteve #CFL

Laugh at $60M for Lions and K-Mart special sale price of $20M for Arblows. :lol:
Braley still a TiCat at heart! :wink:

I mentioned it before that the Canucks S&E have been interested in growing their pro sports assets and the Lions are among the top of the list with the NHL/CFL synergy which has the two season playing completely opposite with very little crossover in two very good venues with top amenities.
Canucks S&E owner and CEO is also a big soccer fan and is looking to place an expansion team in the USL Pro league to be the WhiteCaps affiliate and play nearby in Fraser Valley.
So I think the Canucks can easily afford the 60 million price tag and with the synergy of sponsors, season tickets, corporate suites for Canucks and Lions games as well as the sale of Lions and Canucks Merchandise being sold al year round out of S&E events and stores will certainly give a boost to merchandise sales for both clubs.

[url=http://metronews.ca/news/vancouver/981787/b-c-lions-not-for-sale-toronto-argos-are-owner-david-braley/]http://metronews.ca/news/vancouver/9817 ... id-braley/[/url]

Most likely the Lions will not be officially for sale until after the 2014 Grey Cup in BC in which Brayley and the Lions organization and the city of Vancouver will stand to make a bundle of $$$. More seats, more suites, more VIP sections then any other venue with Rogers Centre right along with them.

As for the Argos with Rogers most likely pulling the plug on the MLSE sale as a group could perhaps come down to Bell and LT purchasing the Argos as an independent group.
I could see Bell also doing some advertising at BMO field for Argo games as the owners with the only on filed sponsors being allowed to be placed in the end zones something like BMO Field with Bell being the end zone sponsor as owners of the Argos.