Potential replacements for Higgins

regardless of the record of the Als I think we can all agree that Higgins is not the long term answer at coach and that Popp would like to hire a younger coach with a vision who suits the modern day cfl. Higgins is not in the league of Austin Jones Milanovichn Huffnagel and Chamblin.
Furthermore Higgins would not even be hired as an assistant coach for any of the above mentioned coaches.

I'm feeling with Bc hiring Jeff Tedford that the league is hiring offensive minded head coaches.

Im thinking Marcus Brady has experience and could be a potential head coach.
Jason Maas is another one who could possibly make the jump.

This character named Tommy Condell in Hamilton could be a Popp target as well after this season.

pop knows better than anyone the importance of hiring an offensive genius as head coach. does the name Marc Trestman ring a bell. I doubt it POPP endorsed the Higgis hiring because we know that Higgins is clueless about Cfl offence.

the Als are in stand still mode. The first order of business was replacing the genius Trestman. this is no easy task as is obvious by two poor hirings in Hawkins and Higgins.

It all starts with the captain the general the leader the coach. Until the find a capable replacement for Trestman the Als will be bottom feeders.

I was thinking of Marcus Brady a few days ago. He, Thorpe, Condell, and George Cortez would all be viable HC candidates.

[i]Before Higgins can be replaced, he gotta be fired.

FIRE HIGGINS!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: [/i]

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Welcome back Johnny. I want you to keep an eye on Schonert! He can be more harmful to the team than Higgins. The playcalling and QBs are in his hands. Was not impressed with Game 1.

Viable options, but let’s remember that Trestman’s name was never an option until it became known the Als had interviewed him. Outside the box didn’t work with He Who Shall Not Be Named, but the approach should not be totally cast aside.

Brady was a receivers coach under Trestmen and Milanovich and then the OC under Milanovich. How much of the Argos playbook is Brady’s and how much is Milanovich’s? Is he an offensive guru our a good foot soldier who follows orders?

A strong argument for Thorpe is that picking someone else would pretty much automatically mean a new DC; but then it will be important to see how Noel adjusts to the new rules to see if that would be terrible or not.

Condell is similar to Brady, is he a product of Kent Austin or is he viable option out from under Austin’s shadow?

Cortez has been around a long time and has only gotten one HC shot, a wipeout of a season in Hamilton. Likely not all on him, as he worked for retread GM Bob O’Billovich (35-55 in his tenure in Steeltown) but it does suggest his glass ceiling is the assistant coach level.

GT, valid points, but people were saying the same thing about Milanovich that you're saying about Brady: i.e. is he his own man, or just a clone of his mentor? We'll never know until we give it a shot. Personally, I would hire Brady in a second. I want a guy who knows exactly how to run a productive offense, who had access to one of the most explosive offenses the league has seen in recent years and who is essentially still running the Trestman playbook in Toronto (Adrian McPherson confirmed this in a recent story). Moreover, Brady is working for a guy who is a topnotch QB tutor in addition to being a good coach -- Calvillo, Ray, Harris, and Collaros all improved under Milanovich.

Cortez had a top offense in his sole year as Hamilton's head coach. They went 6-12 because Casey Creehan's D couldn't stop anyone, ever. Hamilton was actually planning to retain Cortez until they found out Austin was available and that was that.

If Cortez became HC, I would hire him as dual HC and de facto OC, with Calvillo as the QB coach and titular OC learning the ropes as Milanovich did working under Trestman in the same capacities. The one thing you can't argue with: George Cortez knows how to run an offense.

Your approach makes sense. I remain a bit concerned about that being the only time someone thought he was HC material, and that choice was made by a retread, washed up GM who had been out of the game for 13 years when hired by the TiCats. Also wonder if Creehan was his choice or BO's (i.e., doe she know ho to build a staff), and to be honest whether a guy seven years older than me (57 + 7 = 64) is the right choice when other many teams, north and south of the border, are going younger.

If he Als were going to sign Cortez, then they should have done it after he was fired in Hamilton. Now, I would pass because of his age. That same offseason, Chris Jones was available for a HC job, but the Als passed on him as well. Putting both those guys on the same staff would have been intriguing, but I do not know if those 2 are buddies or not.

I'm not an age-ist. :wink: To me, if you can do the job, you can do the job, regardless of whether you're 40 or 60. What matters the most to me is the ability to develop QBs, knowledge of the CFL, and the ability to call a strong game by maximizing the assets you have.

Cortez was also not well liked by Hamilton players. You can get away with that trait much easier if you not in total charge.

And most of those players are gone now. :wink: Not really an issue to me. Cortez has two Grey Cup rings as an OC, and has no trouble finding employment.

As an OC I absolutely agree. Just concerned that HC would be too much to ask of him.

Last year, Rider fans wanted Cortez gone even though they just won the Grey Cup the year before.

Fans want lots of changes, not always for valid reasons.

RRs had dropped from 2nd in the league on offence to 5th, but they had also lost Durant for 8 games; so how much was Cortez's "fault" I don't know.

And we'll see whether they were justified or not (some Rider fans have suggested that Cortez's hands were tied by Corey Chamblin's conservative approach to offense; as GT says, the season-ending injury to Durant probably didn't help). With coaches, my belief is: everyone is hired to be fired. Trestman had been fired and out of coaching before we came calling. Wally Buono was fired from Calgary before he went to BC. Heck, Kent Austin was fired from the Argos before he went to Ole Miss and subsequently to Hamilton. It's just the nature of the business.

Like with Higgins in Montreal??? :smiley:

You forgot to mention his stop in Saskatchewan which got them a grey cup title in 2007.

I've been wanting to see Cortez get another shot at HC, since he got a bum deal in Hamilton.
A first-time head coach will go through growing pains, and he did in Hamilton. He never got that second year to show what he learned. Rick Campbell is getting a second year, as is Mike O'Shea. Why not Cortez?
As someone mentioned, Cortez in Hamilton had the best offense in the league but was saddled with the worst Defense. He was hired so late that he had slim pickings for defensive coaches and got stuck with a proven dud.

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Anyway, Johnny agrees about Turk Shonert. Empty sets = empty head! WTF was that all about? And run the darn ball![/i]