Potential QB Prospect

From Dave Naylor`s report from the Senior Bowl:

"Similarly, Wisconsin’s Russell Wilson doesn’t have the stature associated with an NFL quarterback, measuring at 5-foot-10 and five-eighths. He throws the ball crisply and fluidly and moves around the pocket with the poise of a pro, something he demonstrated while leading the Badgers t to the Rose Bowl this season after transferring from North Carolina State.

The Alouettes see him as a possible heir to Anthony Calvillo and in fact Wilson was recruited to N.C. State University by Marc Trestman when Trestman was with the Wolfpack and Wilson was a 17-year-old high schooler.

“He has all the intangibles,” said Trestman. “He’s a world class leader. Just talk to the people at Wisconsin about how in a couple of weeks he transcended that locker room. And he can overcome his size because he’s a prolific passer with mobility. He’s got an inventory of passes and can make all the throws. He’s highly intelligent and can slow the game down.”

Trestman says he hopes Wilson makes it in the NFL but it’s hard to think of another quarterback at his height whose succeeded in that league recently (Even New Orleans Drew Brees, at six feet, stands nearly an inch-and-a-half taller.)"

I've been watching him all season at Wisconsin and he came in with a couple weeks practice in a brand new system and started winning games. He's hits holes like a running back and has an arm like Warren Moon. I think he will be in the NFL at least two years maybe three and if he finds the right coach, he could make it. Don't count on him being at camp this year or next. But it is a guy that should not come off the neg list unless he becomes a starter in the NFL.