Potential of a Free Place to Stay In Every CFL City!

On the Ti-Cats website an out-of-towner asked about places to stay. I then realized I should share a really neat idea that lots of people are grabbing on to.

Has anyone out there ever tried Couchsurfing.com or other type sites?

http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/tol/lif ... 622344.ece

You stay free at people's houses. You sign up and find people with interests like yours. Most people also list their homes for visits.

If you aren't into opening your home or staying with a stranger but would like to meet someone from another place the site also permits get-togethers at neutral sites.

It would be neat if CFL fans across the country signed up and got to know one-another this way.

I'm currently on a trip in Florida and when my wife gets here we'll be making a vacation of the drive back and - some of the nights - getting to stay with and make friends with some people we've never met before but who seem compatible with us.

Some day we may even be brave enough to try it with Argo fans! :slight_smile:

That's a great idea. I'll open up my Yaletown bachelor pad to any good looking girl who wants to stay here, whether she's a Lions fan or not.

how about:


Winnipeg has some of the finest potholes in the country!
In fact I remember one night back in '92 when I...

You can have "kel"

Somehow I'm not sure we'll be opening our place to you guys. :slight_smile:

I feel bad for any girl who takes you up on that. She better have a good supply of Creep Repellent. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

I dont think that any of the ladies who post here are that desperate… but I agree with jman… he can invite “kel” for a visit…

Maybe debralynn but i think she's married.

RLR, I'm glad your not letting those string warts get in the way of your socializing.

I would not recommend any one take part with these sites. You have no idea who is hosting you nor do you know who is going to stay with you. Sort of like hitch hiking it can be dangerous.

My thoughts exactly

Sorry RO and R/W-
There ARE sites out there without controls that really are like pure hitch-hiking.

CouchSurfing - the one that I've ended up using - and some others have various levels of security including checks on those participating. You can choose to only go places that have good feedback, that have left a security deposit, and things like that.

While not perfect, these make it far safer. Think of Ebay and the ratings system.... it gives some sense that you aren't dealing with a scammer. Then multiply the feedback, the prior info sharing that is mandated, and the ability to start with a safe meeting place, and things improve tremendously.

I'm not a risk-taker when it comes to personal safety so I want to make sure that I have protection/surety.

Even so, I would never put myself completely in somebody else's hands nor go someplace without the financial ability to call a cab and go to a motel.

Come on. Where's your sense of adventure? Are you guys telling me neither of you would want to put up RLR? :stuck_out_tongue:

When I went to the World Cup in Germany I did pretty much exactly this. There was a program/website called host-a-fan. It was great. My two friends and I stayed in Frankfurt with some cool med students, they took us out to the bars, told us where to go to watch games and things like that. It is really a good Idea. We did the same thing in Liepzig. The organisers of the program went to every home or appartment and checked it out and gave star ratings and such. It wasn't for free, so I guess its different in that way, but it was great. We got a cheap place to stay that wasn't a hostel, and some instant insight into the city and place.
To those that are saying don't do this its dangerous. Give me a break, everything is dangerous, you just have to take precautions and the vast majority of the time you don't get in trouble. Its called life. There are people out there that are good people, don't let the bad ones determine what you do.

It is russian roulette. There wackos every where you just have been lucky so far It is a risk no matter if they put a deposit down or not. Either way hosting or using the service it is a matter of time before you have one of these freaks of nature come stay with you or you stay with one. Get a hotel.

Well if that person has a bunch of human heads in the fridge it's not exactly the best place to be staying, that would be my theory atleast. Don't quote me on that though being that I'm not an expert or anything but that would be my guess.