Potential NFL Cuts

Here`s an excellent guide to current NFL players in training camps who have CFL connections - CFL draft picks and former CFL players.

Als fans are anxious to see what transpires with David Foucault, Richard has mentioned Cleyon Laing.

Also surprised to see WR Dobson Collins is currently with the Ravens and Trestman.

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/08/25/comprehensive-guide-canadians-former-cflers-nfl-training-camps/]http://3downnation.com/2016/08/25/compr ... ing-camps/[/url]

Foucault is the big fish.

So sick of us chasing after every guy with even a modicum of NFL experience. Such lazy scouting. Also, such players tend to be older by the time they come up here, so their career span in this league is likely to be shorter. We just went through the whole swing of disappointment with Vaughn Martin so I'm not going to break a leg dancing for joy if we manage to sign yet another NFL castoff.

I get the frustration but I can't think of many players who have not been cut by the NFL before ending up in the
CFL or Als.

Cox, Sutton...way too many to list.

Bowman has a different history...no nfl at all but indoor and europe...before ending up in Montreal

Bo Levi Mitchell in Calgary is the only one that comes to mind...not drafted by NFL...signed out of College by Calgary.

Maybe more...not many tho I don't think.

Als draft picks and former CFLers at least make sense, the "big names" are lottery-level longshots at best ... somebody eventually wins but a lot of money gets flushed down the toilet chasing them.

Just saw a TSN report on troubled Johnny Manziel who is about to be indicted by a grand jury. Evidently, he is on the Ticats' neg list.

Popp! Don't get any cockamamie ideas!

A few interesting NFL cuts:

Nat. LB Henoc Muamba released by Dallas. Destination,if CFL? Saskatchewan? Hamilton?

Nat. DB Arjen Colquhoon released by Dallas. His rights belong to Edmonton.

Int. DB Aaron Grymes released by Philadelphia. Saskatchewan? Edmonton? Hamilton?

Int. WR/KR Terrell Sinkfield released by Minnesota. I would not mind seing him in Montreal.Will he return to Hamilton?

A few more to come today and many more by Saturday.


Also DE Willie Jefferson released by Redskins.

Grymes was waived injured and apparently will be retained by the Eagles.

Foucault has cleared waivers but is supposed to have other NFL teams interested. The good news is his agent is Montreal based Darren Gill who is generally a reasonable guy, unlike Hardassaway.

[i]Popp should use the money he's saving on Vaughn Martin and go after Sinkfield. Sinkfield and Carter to stretch the field, and Lewis taking all the underneath stuff and moving the chains. Not too shabby :smiley:

Then again, if the o-line acts like a wet paper bag, and Glenn is throwing interceptions left and right... :roll: [/i]

Here`s an updated CFL related NFL cuts list:

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/09/04/cfl-landing-spots-final-nfl-cuts/]http://3downnation.com/2016/09/04/cfl-l ... -nfl-cuts/[/url]

Foucault and former Alouette Ola would certainly help our o-line.

And Marquise Williams, the Als neg list QB Popp went to scout, was released by Green Bay.