Potential new field goal kicker

Cody Parkey of the Chicago Bears is expected to be released. He is famous for his double doinks. 6 times during the season he hit the cross bar and a post on a kick. It happened again to lose a playoff game. He will fit in well with our QB who also has a habit of hitting goal posts during games. Note: this is not a knock on Masoli.

Not sure Why we have to waste an import spot on a Kicker.
Please remind me what was wrong with Hiralohu

He wants to attend a recruiting camp for the NFL, so he may not sign until after.

I think everyones favourite import kicker is available

Sergio Castillo

or his replacement

Kenny Allen

and having a National kicker is great but if you get an American that can do all 3 kicking jobs that is fine. It is not wasting an import spot.

Kicker is a very important position.replacing a backup db with an import kicker is not a waste. He can decide wins. The guy on the bench cant

Gotta go with you on this one Obrigardo.

Swayze Waters is currently a FA and would probably fit in great under Jeff Rienbold’s special teams. One thing for sure he is by far the best punter to play at Tim Hortons Field just go back to the playoff game a few years ago when the Arblows played the Cats at THF and Water’s hit those perfect coffin corner punts, outstanding!

Totally agree on a good kicker/punter though could make all the difference in the world, just ask Ossie and that 54 yard field goal he made in the 98 eastern finale.


Didn't Swayze miss a game winning FG that game?
I think he might have.

I would sign him in a heart beat.

There are 2 or 3 kickers in the CFL Combines coming up this spring . Of course, the Cats have already signed Michael Domagala from Carleton. At 5’9" 202, he does all of the kicking and may backup Lirim if he returns .

Pat Lynch (the old Cat fan)

Interesting that no one picked up on my reason for posting this originally. This kicker who, no doubt, will be picked up by another team in the NFL, has a penchant for hitting goal posts, sometimes two on the same kick. I thought he would fit in well with our current QB