Potential new CFL commissioner candidate: Ken Derrett

Gotta feel for 3 down sometimes. With their bread and butter gone for the year with both the CFL and U Sports, they still need to generate clicks to keep the lights on.

So now it's time to make up news to see who tunes in. With the season cancelled, commissioner bashing is in full swing. Don't know much about Derrett but if he has a way to create a effective vaccine, I'd take him seriously too.

Didn't Rod Pederson say adamantly that MLSE was in the midst of 'taking over the league' and Ambrosie was their guy?

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I thought for sure this post was going to be about getting Henry Burris as commish to turn things around yet again. :grinning:


...maybe that guy The Rock, he seems pretty marketable, and he’s an ex-player...

Doesn't matter who's the next commissioner if he or she will not have the ability to do what's necessary to make the league better.

In other words, the BOGs need to let the commissioner have some control.

The big four have commissioners that are allowed to do so.

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Another hit piece from Dunk the Junk. He's not making things better with articles like these

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It is impossible to tell what his duties are and his level of authority is.

I'll wait until Dave Naylor reports on this Commissioner matter. Dunk is being an alarmist.

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