"Potential" Lions free agents.... let's hope they stay

Among others here is a list of notables to keep an eye on:

Aaron Hunt, DL, non-import
Dante Marsh, CB, import
Paul McCallum, K/P, non-import
Anton McKenzie, LB, import
Khalif Mitchell, DT, import

All of these guys are great! Let's hope we can keep all of them.

Good eye on these guys, and I've had my eye on them since about that same time too.

Mitchell is off to the Miami Dolphins now, and I would hope Tillman takes a hard look at Hunt. The CFL site has him listed as an import and not as you state below.

You're right Paolo. My mistake. I should have said "import" since he's from Texas. Thanks for pointing that out. Sad to see that we're losing Mitchell. :x

Well, one major concern isn't a concern anymore, Khalif Mitchell signed with the Lion
s this morning.

Wow was that look at Miami quick! I guess like Jeff Fisher now going to the St. Louis Rams, he saw enough of whatever he saw and moved on back!