Potential Game Cancellation: Als at Esks

Well even if the game does go ahead, it will probably be called at half time due to the little known CFL Mercy Rule. :slight_smile:

Hahaha, that’s getting pretty sad. I remember watching games in the big o, when they had 50,000. What has happened to Montreal ?

What are you talking about? They are saying there is risk of cancellation because the smoke is so bad.

Just thinking back to the 70’s , maybe wrong thread.

Since attendance at Montreal games in the 1970s has nothing to do with a game in Edmonton being cancelled due to smoke from wildfires, I’m going to agree that your comment has nothing to do with this thread. ???

maybe he is already smoked out :slight_smile:

Just checked E weather- some light rain, smoke rate high but some chance of improvement tomorrow. Maybe it should be rescheduled, and then we might have a better QB.

What is the Mercy Rule?

Heavy smoke makes Eskimos-Alouettes kickoff a game-time decision
An announcement will be made at noon Saturday, one way or the other, with the worst-case scenario, presumably, seeing the game moved to Sunday.

The Mercy Rule is when the other team is so far ahead of the Als that the game gets called and the league hands out Participation Ribbons to every Alouette player on the game day roster for at least showing up . ;D I gotta go with idealsheldon on this one and say that the ribbons will probably be handed out at half time at the latest in this one , if not sooner . :slight_smile:


It is kind of smokey looking. This the shot from a webcam at University of Alberta.

That is seriously smokey. We get it here too (in the S.F. Bay Area), but rarely as bad as that, but my lungs have definitely noticed in the last week or so from the fires in to the North and East of here. I hope everybody in Alberta, and everywhere else affected by the fires and smoke, will be okay.

If you look in the middle of the horizon you can just make out some of the refineries on Chemical Row. I grew up approximately 1-2 km this side of that. We could easily see the Imperial Oil refinery, due East from our back yard. I spent many days as a youth exploring the (then) heavily polluted ravines and creeks of the area adjacent to that refinery. It has long since been completely cleaned up and restored, and is now a beautiful park.

…I know we’re 250 kms apart but it is absolutely terrible here in cowtown, you can basically stare right at the sun for as long as you want, it’s a nice rose colour…i would not be surprised if the game was postponed…

I recommend you DONT DO THAT!

…too late

For the good of your health don’t do that! Ultra violet light comes through the smoke and can burn your eye lenses.

Its kind of disgusting. They won’t practice in it but are willing to force fans and players to sit in the stew for four hours to cash their cheque.

Game will be played as scheduled.

it cool with a nice NW wind. just might be fine