Potential Free Agents

From checking out various forums and newspaper websites I've got the following list:

Edmonton: Kelly Campbell (WR, I), Walter Curry (DT, I), Skyler Green (WR/KR, I), Jason Nugent (S, NI), Tim St. Pierre (LS/LB, NI) and Chris Thompson (DB, I) (From the Edmonton Journal)

Calgary: Dwight Anderson (DB, I), Brandon Browner (DB, I), Wes Lysack (S, NI), Keon Raymond (DB, I), Tom Johnson (DL, I), Tearrius George (DE, I), DeVone Claybrooks (DT, I), Ben Archibald (OL, I), Romby Bryant (WR, I), Rob Cote (RB, NI), Randy Chevrier (LS/DT, NI), Ryan Thelwell (WR, NI) According to the Calgary Herald, Juwan Simpson (LB, I) and Brandon Smith (DB, I) are close to signing new deals which will probably be announced after GC. The Herald also said Lysack wasn't expected to return. (From the Calgary Herald)

Saskatchewan: Lance Frazier (DB, I), Kitwana Jones (DE, I), Chris McKenzie (DB, I), Sean Lucas (LB, I), Neal Hughes (RB, NI), Joel Bell (OL, I), Jeremy O'Day (C, NI), Gene Makowsky (G, NI), Mike McCullough (LB, NI) (According to RiderFans forum)

Montreal: Anthony Calvillo (QB, I), Chris Leak (QB, I), Avon Cobourne (RB, I), Danny Desriveaux (WR, NI), S.J. Green (SB, I), Andrew Hawkins (WR, I), J.P. Bekasiak (DT, NI), Shawn Mayne (DE, NI), Anwar Stewart (DE, I), Chip Cox (LB, I), Jerald Brown (DB, I), Martin Bedard (FB, NI) and Damon Duval (PK/K, I). Herb Zurkowsky of the Gazette says Chip Cox, S.J.Green, Jermaine McElveen and Adrian MacPherson may try the NFL. (Thanks to Richard in the Als forum for the info.)

Winnipeg: Yvenson Bernard (RB, I), Keyuo Craver (DB, I), Pierre-Luc Labbe (LB, NI), Joe Lobendahn (LB, I), Jonathan Hefney (DB, I), Obby Khan (C, NI), Jon Oosterhuis (FB, NI), Dorian Smith (DT, I), Daryl Stephenson (RB, NI) (From Winnipeg Free Press and Sun)

I can't find anything about potential FAs for Hamilton, Toronto or BC. Anyone have any information on those teams?

Uhh the Riders better re-sign Frazier asap.

of McPherson thinks he'll make the NFL, he needs to get his head checked.

I'd like to see Cobourne make it in the NFL.. take some talent away from the Als.

I need to see them struggle for once.

Here's potential FA"s for Hamilton:
Jamall Johnson (this ones been an argument all friggen year, i'm pretty sure he's gunna be a FA though)
Chris Bauman hello Winnipeg
Adam Nicolson
Geoff Tisdale
Mike Gibson OC
Steve Buratto OL coach (walked)
Greg Marshall DC


Looks like Calgary and Montreal have there work cut out to stay under the cap.

Want 'Em:
Browner, Bryant, Calvillo, Green

Please Take 'Em:
All of Edmonton's FAs, All of Winnipeg's FAs, Leak, Cobourne

I agree, the Riders need to sign Frazier. He is a huge part of the the defense. You don’t hear his name a lot because his guys are always covered. I think he is a very underrated player.

I'd probably consider keeping Nugent, Pierre, and Thompson...

Great point LadyGreen. . . the less a DB is mentioned during a game, the better. . .it means he's doing his job, covering his man so well that the other team just doesn't throw against him.

Were I running the show there, Nugent I'd probably want to keep but wouldn't go overboard. . . but St. Pierre and Thompson most definitely I'd want to hang on to.

I have read somewhere that some Argo free agents would include OT Rob Murphy, OC Dominic Picard, OT Chris Van Zeyl, DT Eric Taylor, S Lin-J Shell, DT Anriano Belli and OL Jeff Keeping.
I expect the Argos wil resign them all if they really want them. Although Picard could be of interested in going home to Montreal for a chance at winning a GC. Of course that's a maybe, no written evidence that I have heard about, just a guess.

While the maximum salary compensation is to increase by a minimum of $50,000, or 1.18%, in 2011-from $4,250,000 to $4,300,000-I surely hope that it will be no less than $100,000, or 2.35%; ideally, I would like it to increase by $150,000 or 3.53%. We keep reading how the audience has increased,so it is time to increase the compensation by more than $50,000. With a higher increase-$100,000 or $150,000- it will be easier for the teams to sign their free agents. A good young player may decide to stay in Canada rather than try in the NFL if we have more to offer. A $10,000 or so more may make a difference; we can't anticipate that with a $50,000 increase for the 50 or so players during the regular season; in order to pay more to some we-teams- may have to decrease some-veterans- or let them go.

Another "hope" for 2011 is that teams will dress 44 players rather than 42; it will improve the games alomg with the younger players and will not cost more in compensation; active rosters would remain at 46. Yes,there will be additional costs,mainly in travelling, but the "game" will improve.


It's possible, but we're pretty deep in O-line talent. Not sure we need Picard. LBJ has won the starting center position, Flory isn't going anywhere, and the rest of the line is young or their prime (Perrett, Bourke, Woodruff). The org is high on Seagraves as a backup because of his versatility. We also have Steenburgen and Thind waiting in the wings.

There are definitely some intriguing free agents out there, but Popp generally likes to take care of his own FAs before looking elsewhere, so I'll wait to see how things shake out.

If I'm running the Argos' ship, Lin J Shell would be my priority (and, not meaning to quibble, he's a DHB and not a safety).

Agreed, MJ. And if I'm Jim Popp, I'm most certainly taking a run at signing Shell if the Argos let him get to free agency and it makes sense for the Als under the cap.

But then who would we sit down to play him? Brown or Parker?

I'd have leaned to Parker based on his play over the season. . . but based on his stellar play in the Grey Cup, when he was clearly target #1 in Berry's offensive game plan, no way jose. . . he was superb.

I'd make it an open position at camp and let Brown, Parker, and Shell fight it out for the two starter positions. Nothing wrong with pushing the veterans. Alternatively, can Shell play cornerback? Might be an option instead of Dix.

In addition to that, if, god forbid, Cox leaves for the NFL, we could look at moving Shell up to SAM. . . I think he'd fit in pretty well there.

Here we are speculating way too soon. . . but what the heck, we're officially now in the offseason and that's what we do in offseasons, correct?

Ooh, nice. That would be one helluva insurance plan in case Cox decides to (foolishly) try his luck south of the border.

Here we are speculating way too soon. . . but what the heck, we're officially now in the offseason and that's what we do in offseasons, correct?
You know it! :D

According to Mike at Extra Point, the only thing that could get Bauman to re-sign with Hamilton is if Khari Jones is OC however there is apparently a push being made by his family for him to sign closer to home (Mike said Bauman is engaged and his family wants the wedding to be in Manitoba).

I saw an article that said Rob Murphy was entering his option year and mentioned Belli but didn't say anything about his status. The only name I've seen is Bryan Crawford.