Potential free agents-Alouettes

Based on the previous seasons, the list of all teams 2019 potential free agents should be made available during the first week of December 2018.

With regards to the Alouettes, I list what I think are the potential free agents and what I expect.

Stephen Adekolu- Nat. WR 29. I doubt that he will be re-signed.
Martin Bédard- Nat. LS 34. Should be re-signed.
Boris Bede- Int. K 29. Should be re-signed.
Jean-Samuel Blanc- Nat. DL 28. Could be re-signed.
Nicolas Boulay- Nat. LB 29. Should be re-signed.
Adarius Bowman- Int. WR 33. Won’t be re-signed.
John Bowman- Int. DE 36. Had a good season. Always a possibility that he could be re-signed for 1 more season.
Luc Brodeur-Jourdain- Nat. C 35. I expect him to retire. Could be hired by the Alouettes. Management position. “Ambassadeur ou Porte parole”.
Tevaugh Campbell-Nat. DB. 25. Should be re-signed. More than 1 season.
Joe Burnett- Int. DB 31. Won’t be re-signed.
Chip Cox- Int. LB 35. Like John Bowman,he had a good season. Could be re-signed for 1 more season.
B.J. Cunningham- Int. WR 29. Should be re-signed. More than 1 season.
Philippe Gagnon- Nat. G 26. Should be re-signed. More than 1 season.
T J Graham- Int. WR 29. Won’t be re-signed.
Dominique Ellis- Int. DB 29. I doubt that he will be re-signed.
T J Heath- Int. DB 31. Should be re-signed.
Ernest Jackson- Int. WR 32. Won’t be re-signed, unless he accepts a 35% to 40% salary reduction.
Sean Jamieson- Nat. OL 24. Should be re-signed. More than 1 season.
George Johnson- Nat. WR 25. Should be re-signed. More than 1 season.
Jesse Joseph-Nat. DL 30 Should be re-signed.
Gabriel Knapton- Int. DE 29. Won’t be re-signed.
Eugene Lewis- Int. WR 25. Should be re-signed. More than 1 season.
Glen Love- Int. LB 29. Should be re-signed.
Kristian Matte- Nat. OL 33. Should be re-signed. More than 1 season.
Jermaine Robinson- Int. DB 29. Could be re-signed.
Tony Washington-Int. T 32. Should be re-signed. More than 1 season.
Drew Willy- Int. QB 31. Won’t be re-signed.

There could be more or less and we should know soon. I definitely expect the Alouettes to re-sign some of these potential free agents in December 2018.


Johnny wouldn’t sign Ernest Jackson at any price.

Would rebuild the receiving corps around Lewis and Cunningham. Lewis was one of the few bright spots on the team last season.

He should be returning some of that money he was paid for his two lackluster years :wink:

Obviously cutting Jacksons salary isnt going to turn him into a better receiver. Time to turn the page.

One good thing about having such mediocre personnel is not having to worry about losing an important player to free agency. Back in the day there was always a concern about losing this guy or that guy. I remember biting my nails over Copeland, Emry, Belli, Bourke, etc. This free agency period…bleh!

And as I wrote previously, the key to the Als 2019 fortunes is going to be the number and quality of free agents from other teams that we sign.

Along with all of you, I hope that Ernest Jackson is not back, no matter the price. As you wrote,Sheldon, it’s time to turn the page.

One thing I hope won’t happen- I am not in line with you,Sheldon- are signings of free agents from other teams. In past years, we paid high salaries to some free agents but the results were not there. The only real positive was the signing of Henoc Muamba. Tommie Campbell did OK but that’s about it.

Which free agents,if available, should we sign Sheldon? I have none in mind. There are needs at receivers and defensive ends, but I rather go with younger talent and rookies.


In theory of course free agency is not the way to build your team, you should only be using it to fill 1 or 2 holes. But as a realist there is no way the Als football ops are suddenly going to find the young talent necessary to make the Als competitive with the elite CFL teams.

I will give them credit for finding Woody Baron, Ryan Brown, Branden Dozier, Eugene Lewis, William Stanback. But no OTs, WRs, DEs, DBs in 2 off-seasons.

Free agent lists have leaked from BC, Sask., Wpg. Here`s who I would be interested in, although knowing most will re-sign with their current teams.


Bryan Burnham - WR
Joel Figueroa - OT
Hunter Steward - OL


Naaman Roosevelt - WR
Willie Jefferson - DE
Samuel Eguavoen - LB
Tobi Antigha - DB


Nic Demski - WR
Matthias Goosen - C
Sukh Chungh - G
Jackson Jeffcoat - DE
Tristan Okpalaugo - DE

You listed good players,Sheldon, but as you wrote most of them will re-sign with their team; some will most probably be tempted by the NFL.

I don’t foresee any one of them signing with the Alouettes.


Let everyone go except:

Martin Bédard - draft/find a replacement for Bedard
Jean-Samuel Blanc
Nicolas Boulay
John Bowman - re-sign on an incentives-based deal
Tevaugh Campbell
B.J. Cunningham - best of a sad lot
Philippe Gagnon
T J Heath - veteran presence
Sean Jamieson
George Johnson
Jesse Joseph
Glen Love
Kristian Matte
Tony Washington - best option they have at LT, but work hard to replace

Basically, sign any Nationals that are in any way useful and let almost all the Internationals go; Bede just hasn’t been good enough to take an International spot.

A guy can dream cant he? Ive also asked Santa for a Ferrari.

My point is though that if the Als don`t sign 3 or 4 significant free agents they will remain in the same hole. Joe Mack/Russ Lande do not inspire confidence, and there is now the AAF competing for talent.

Plenty of time, since I don’t think teams or players will be in any rush to sign contracts until the new CBA is signed and that will likely run into June of next year.

I wonder who is qualified to to scout the NCAA for rookie candidates. In addition we have to wonder at this point what the payroll situation be like? We usually receive sufficient monies from the owners and,I a wonder what effect the considerable no shows last season will have on the upcoming budget for the coming season. I agree that a few free agent signings would be great if the budget would allow.

I wonder when the CFL list of potential free agents will be available? Based on previous years, it should be in the next days or so. There will definitely be plenty of names on that list.

The Als should have between 25 or 30 players on that list, so I think. Hoping that many of them will be re-signed sooner than later.


Each team is going to have approx. 30 free agents ( I read last week the Bombers had 42), most of whom are not going to want to sign until the collective agreement is settled.

So if bargaining drags out until April/May, how are teams going to know where things stand with their personnel? And once the agreement is settled, it`s going to be a contract signing circus.

In other words, Ambrosie and Keeping better lock themselves in a room now and begin hammering things out.

Les Alouettes annoncent que huit joueurs ont signé une extension de contrat, dont le secondeur Glenn Love

I am more optimistic than you, Sheldon; agreed that some players may wait as long as possible to re-sign, but I expect that many players-the ones with salaries ranging between $66,000 and $108,000- will re-sign before free agency begins.

Glen Love has re-signed with the Als; the team also announced 7 other signings,i.e. 2 LB’s,2 WR’s,2 DB’s and 1 DE.


The REDBLACKS re-signed Antoine Pruneau to a new 3 year contract and Jean-Christophe Beaulieu to a new 2 year contract.

I won’t be surprised if QB Trevor Harris is re-signed before the end of 2018.

Many players,particularly the ones who want to remain where they are, will re-sign before new CBA.


Teams that have some CAP space left can offer new contracts with upfront money for now. This all disappears in the new year until a CBA is signed. So for players like Pruneau, they get their cash right away.

Now Al’s signings look more like a bunch of prospects, and practice roster guys than All Stars so likely no money up front. Really is more housekeeping than anything else.

Not surprised at the signings.
Coming off a GC appearance, solid organization.
No reason this team can not get back for another shot.

As for other players signing before hand, rookies yes.
Some veterans will wait it out.

Yes, the players the Als signed are more prospects, but we need prospects; some of the prospects signed during the off-season will eventually make the team.

With regards to Als veterans potential free agents, I am quite optimistic that some,if not many, will be re-signed before free agency begins.


They also extended Pipkin earlier, that was important. Dussault might not like him but I think he’s worth developing.