Potential Free Agent List


Let the discussion begin.

Here is the list of free agents on each team


Quite a few big names on that list, though we'll likely see many of them re-sign before February 15th.

Shouldn't Stala be on the list?

I'd say the cats should take a look at the following :

Heffney DB WPG
Willis DE SASK
Sears DB WPG
Foley DE TOR

Yup some talent there for sure.

Seriously? Four of those five are the absolute worst characters in the league! My goodness, are you a prison warden looking to assemble a team or an actual GM? Mean Green! Mean Green! Mean Green!

Willis is at best a mediocre DE. Takes a ton of offside penalties because his best - - and pretty much only - - pass rush move is to jump the snap count. Gives zero run support. And then there's the attitude problems. If Willis was 1/10th as good as he thinks he is he'd be in the NFL Pro Bowl selection.

Mace is the same way - - keeps blowing off the CFL for the imaginary NFL contract that's waiting for him. Mace is too small/weak to be a DT in the NFL but not fast enough to be a DE. Has done little in the CFL so far. And I don't think he'd be an upgrade over Eddie Steele.

I think Heffney and /or Sears could bring a presence to our defensive backfield that we lack ..Guys that can create turnovers and big plays and can guard man to man .

Willis is still a much better pass rusher than anyone we have . Let's hope they give Peguesse a legit shot .

I ;d like to See Peguesse, T. Davis , Moore, Wilis

Knowlton Williams, Johnson

CB Hinds /rwabukamba , Sears or Beasley

HB Heffney, Colclough
S Webb

I dunno about the ones we may want to bring to Hamilton.

Of the Ticats' FAs, I especially hope we keep Peter Dyakowski and Bo Smith, also Eddie Steele. I'd like to Keep Marwan Hage too, if he's well enough to play.

gerbear9 wrote: I'd say the cats should take a look at the following :

Heffney DB WPG
Willis DE SASK
Sears DB WPG
Foley DE TOR

I wouldn't take a single jerk on that list. Willis is an over-rated headcase. Sears is one of the top 3 dirtiest players in the CFL. Mace didn't want to be here the first go around and he didn't do anything that would make me jump for joy if we signed him and Foley may have been the GC outstanding Canadian or whatever, but he was not the big flash they expected when they signed him as a free agent.

We have A LOT of Canadians on our FA list. I'm not expecting Dyakowski or Hage to go anywhere, but I would like to most if not all of our guys back. Sucks to be Terry Grant though. Poor kid.

Banshee - is there any player in the league that doesn't play for the cats that you DO like?

If I could take any three guys from other teams they would be Sherritt, Olafioye and Tyrone Brackenridge. However, I doubt either of those guys hit the open market. Thinking realistically, I'd love to get Elimimian, Rod Williams and Mike Reilly.

The reason for Elimimian is obvious.
Rod Williams is only 26 and has had two good years playing corner in Edmonton. Put him out on the weak side where we struggled last season (Remember the Nick Graham experiment?).
As for Mike Reilly, regardless of where you stand in the whole Henry Burris debate, I think you're crazy if you want a 39 year old quarterback opening the season as our starting quarterback in 2014. But Reilly might be a long-shot, as Winnipeg or Edmonton may offer him a chance to compete for a starting job in 2013.

Yes there are. More than you would think, actually. Some of them have never even played for the Ticats at all as surprising as that may sound.

Not sure about Hage - he may want to go to the couch. The Oline was more solid with Tim O'Neill at centre and O'Neill may be difficult to dislodge from that spot. Marwan's had some significant inquries the past couple of years and, IMO, was not nearly as effective as he once was when he tried to play this past season. He just couldn't seem to explode and get position and leverage like to once did. Great centre in his prime though.

Chris Thompson, please. It still steams me that the Cats traded him to Edmonton for that overrated bum Maurice Mann. The only good thing that came out of trading for Mann was trading him away for Dee Webb.

There are other players I like, but I'm more concerned with the team signing their own guys. Make sure that Dyakowski and Simmons are signed, pronto (unless Simmons is headed to the NFL). I'd like to see Hage back because I think he still has some gas left in the tank. But those are my only must-sign guys.

The secondary could see the complete overhaul that people have been calling for with five DBs potentially headed for free agency, but the one guy I wouldn't let go is Bo Smith (that's not a sentence I would have written two years ago). He has become a very good cover guy and one of Hamilton's better DBs since his stint with the New York Jets.

A lot of Canadians on that list too, so I expect some, like Stephenson and Rwabukamba, will probably be brought back.

I hope the Cats don't let too many guys walk and then try to make big splashes in free agency. Re-sign the guys they like and then make small moves, with maybe one big signing. We've seen over the years that making big moves doesn't always pay off. Teams that "win" free agency, which the Ti-Cats have done the last few off-seasons, rarely win in November.

Couldn't have said it better myself, Blogskee (except the Bo Smith part because I would have said that 2 years ago lol. I have always been a fan).

I have said it before and will say it again injuries on D just killed us. I think with a few more pieces on D we will be fine. I don't want a complete overhaul because that has worked soooooooooooo well for us in the past.

I would take Thompson in a heartbeat. I've always been pissed about that deal. Some of the others I'd sign aren't leaving their teams unless it's for an NFL club so I'm not holding out much hope.

Make sure we bring back Yannick Carter. He des so much that goes unnoticed. He wants to be here and we need him as a piece of the puzzle.

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I am so sick of the injury excuse. Good teams find ways to win with injuries, as well injuries provide opportunities for other players to step up and with other teams you usually find hidden gems on the roster. It's very refreshing that we have a coach who doesn't tolerate that excuse either so I expect more from the fans now too.