Potential Coaching Changes for 08

I know we still have a week left plus the playoffs for 07 but I'd like to know what everyone else thinks about potential coaching changes at or close to the top of the teams. My opinion is that we'll see a new head coach in Edmonton and Montreal along with a new OC in Montreal to start the 08 season. What do you people think?

new head coach in toronto....pinball moving to president and the stub taking HC duties.

I wasn't aware of that dg. Is it fact or speculation? Stubler is definitely Head Coaching material!

I think you're right. Edmonton and Montreal are the two obvious choices. I think the other coaches are safe, unless one of them decides to retire, which I don't see happening.

they keep talkin about it on the fan590's argo show...

u know how there was speculation about pelley leaving all season, then it came true....its the same kind of vibe with this rumour...a rumour that is talked about like its enevitable.

Very true dg. Everybody seems to dump on Chapdelaine but I think he's pretty good considering what he had to deal with this year.

Replace Austin. Too many old guys in SK whose hearts wouldn't be able to handle two winning seasons in a row. :slight_smile:

Edmonton and Montreal will have new HC's. Montreal, however will probably keep Popp as GM, UNLESS the new HC wants the GM job too! Don't be surprized if something happens in Stampederland!

I never considered Calgary, but if they do well in the playoffs then I don't imagine there will be any situation in Cowtown. Even if they falter in the first round I don't see any change there.

Greg Marshall from Winnipeg is rumoured as the next coach for the Esks.
No idea who may surface in Montreal, but it wont be Danny M.
Don't rule out a possible change in the Hammer, as it is rumoured that the GM is gone for sure and the slate may also involve Charlie T.

The only two places where coaching changes seem inevitable are Montreal and Edmonton.

Here's my predictions on the coaching situation around the league:

B.C.: Buono's there as long as he wants to be.
Edmonton: Adios, Maciocia!
Calgary: Anything short of a Grey Cup berth will put Higgins on thin ice. If next season is like this one he'll be out before Labour Day.
Saskatchewan: Austin will win Coach of the Year and has already earned at least a few more seasons.
Winnipeg: Barry has improved the Bombers to one of the league's top teams. No need for change.
Hamilton: The Cats can't afford to start from scratch again. One year is not enough to right this ship. Bob Young can afford to be patient.
Toronto: Rumours about Pinball changing jobs, though if he wants to I'm sure they'd be happy to keep him on the sidelines.
Montreal: Despite nearly missing the playoffs, Popp is too egotistical to fire himself. He either stays on as coach, or gets his walking papers from upstairs.

Of course I claim no inside information, this is all just a guess. :smiley:

I say there's a remote chance that Alvin will survive with the Esks. They may give him one more year. In any case we should know for sure shortly after the Hamilton game, especially if the Esks lose to the 'Cats.

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