Potential clinches

So, by my math the Stamps have clinched into post season.
With 4 wins for the top 3 of the East and 6 games remaining (7 for the Cats), the fact that they all play each-other 1+ times means that one of those teams will record a loss, so there is no way that team can tie the Stamps. So should the Stamps drop each game (not likely to going to happen), then they would still at minimum cross.

This therefore means that a Rider win equates to locking down a spot this weekend. Also, a Esks win and both Als and Argo loss would do the same thing for them (though the Argos don't play this week, but do play the Esks next).

It of course still not technically a clinch yet, but it essentially is in these scenarios....2/3 through the season...wow. maybe I am looking wrong...I am a bit tired.

Not quite as Winnipeg still has 6 wins and could still end up with 12 ws beating out the Riders, Stamps or Edmonton for the cross over.

The most the 3rd place team can finish with in the East is 9 wins at this point because of the number of times they play each other, thus the magic number right now is 10 wins...yes yes...or 9 and a tie

Toronto plays Hamilton 2 times, Montreal 2 times
Montreal plays Toronto 2 times, Hamilton once
Hamilton plays Toronto 2 times, Montreal once

With 6 games remaining for both Montreal and Toronto and the fact that they play each other, one of those teams has to lose at least once this season, meaning best case is 9 wins for one of the teams.

But yeah, I guess whomever finishes 4th in the west still needs to lock a crossover spot, which right here and now is 10 wins. I guess it is still technically possible the Stamps could finish in 5th with 10 wins. I knew my math was wonked...not sure why I tried doing this half zoned out. lol. I guess if there is a crossover it is still at best a couple weeks off for a clinch.